50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With C: Discover the Charm

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Hey there, beautiful momma-to-be! We know how much you want to find the perfect name for your little champ. Our list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with ‘C’ is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Dive in, let the names inspire you, and perhaps, just perhaps, you might find THE ONE right here.

Notable People With Afghan Boy Names Starting With C

Afghan names starting with C have graced some truly influential figures. An example is Colonel Abdul Raziq Achakzai, the notable Afghan police chief celebrated for his heroism and leadership. Another is the esteemed Dr. Ciamak Moresadegh, an Afghan-born Iranian Jewish community leader known for his work in interfaith dialogue. These influential icons are just a glimpse of the remarkable stories behind Afghan names beginning with ‘C’, inspiring your naming journey for your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. CahidKahidOne who serves
2. CamidKhamidEternal, endless
3. CananKananMerciful, Kind
4. CarizanKarizanUnique, rare
5. CevherKevherJewel, gem
6. CheenaKheenaA hope
7. CihanKihanUniverse
8. CihangirKihangirConqueror of the world
9. CinanKinanGarden
10. CivanKivanLife, Living
11. CalalKalalExalted, honorable
12. CemalKemalBeauty
13. CinatKinatNature
14. CedidKedidNew
15. CentKentFortress
16. CemKemJoy, happiness
17. CemilKemilHandsome
18. CetinKetinTough, hard
19. CenaKenaView, sight
20. CavidKavidLiving
21. CebbarKebarPowerful
22. CeyhanKeyhanA river in Turkey
23. CehedinKehedinDefender of the faith
24. CinerKinerBrave, valiant
25. CelenkKelenkCrown
26. CensuKensuVigilant, alert
27. CeribKeribNear
28. CengizKengizVast like an ocean
29. CivanperKivanperA young man
30. CezmiKezmiWrestling
31. CebiKebiFighter, warrior
32. CetinayKetinayHard as a rock
33. CemilhanKemilhanHandsome ruler
34. CebeciKebeciArmorer
35. CemsidKemsidSun of joy
36. CebanKebanGuard, protector
37. CihanferKihanferUniversal beauty
38. CetinelKetinelStrong tree
39. CezairKezairJewel
40. CerkezKerkezCircassian, the ethnic group
41. CemsuhKemsuhJoyful sun
42. CezmiyeKezmiyeWrestling
43. CevatKevatGenerous
44. CemrekKemrekEmber
45. CansinKansinYou are life
46. CekdarKekdarGatherer of water
47. CemaluddinKemaluddinBeauty of the religion
48. CeladdinKeladdinRadiance of the faith
49. CetinsuKetinsuHard water
50. CihanmertKihanmertBrave of the world

Well, that’s a wrap, dear readers! Thank you for taking the time to journey through our list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with ‘C’. Every name comes with its own special story, and we hope you’ve found one that resonates with you and your little one. Don’t forget to explore more of our baby name idea lists – you never know where you may find the perfect moniker. Happy naming!

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