50 Italian Baby Boy Names Ending With A for Your Prince

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Hello, future mamma! Are you ready to give your little boy a name that resonates with the charm of Italy? Our list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Ending with ‘A’ will provide you with a wealth of inspirational choices, each one echoing a melody of Italian heritage.

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Ending With A

Names are more than just a way of addressing someone; they can set the tone for a life of success and influence. Andrea Bocelli, the renowned Italian opera singer, carries a melodious moniker from our list. Explore this list of Italian baby boy names ending with A and find the perfect name for your little boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AndreaAndreo, AndriaManly
2. NicolaNiccola, NicoloVictory of the people
3. LucaLucca, LukaLight
4. MattiaMathia, MatiaGift from God
5. GiovannaGiovanni, GiovannoGod is gracious
6. AlessandraAlessandro, AlesandraDefender of mankind
7. EliaElio, EliyaThe Lord is my God
8. AndreaAndreo, AndriaManly
9. EnricaEnrique, EnricoRuler, monarch
10. IlariaIlario, IlariyaCheerful
11. JoshuaJosue, JoshuahGod is salvation
12. EneaAenea, EniaBorn to rule
13. GraziellaGraciela, GrazielaGrace
14. AmedeaAmedeo, AmadeoLove of God
15. BasilicaBasillicaRoyal hall
16. EufemiaUfemia, EuphemiaFair speech
17. EzraEzrah, EsraHelper, Aid
18. IsaiaIsaiah, IsiahSalvation of God
19. UrbanaUrbano, UrbaneFrom the city
20. UmaUmaa, UmahNation
21. GioiaGoya, GoiaJoy
22. MiaMiah, MiyaResembling God
23. NikaNikah, NikeUnconquerable
24. OriaOriah, OryaGolden
25. PiaPiah, PyaPious
26. QuashaQuacia, QuashaBeautiful, Pretty
27. RiaRiah, RyaSmall River
28. StasiaStasea, StasyaResurrection
29. TiaTiah, TyahPrincess
30. UriaUriah, UriyaGod is my light
31. ZiaZiah, ZyaLight, Splendor
32. VidaVidah, VydaLife
33. TobiaTobiah, TobiasGod is good
34. IraIrah, IaraWatchful
35. YaraYarah, YarahSeagull
36. KiaKiah, KyaProtector
37. LeaLeah, LeeaWeary
38. GaiaGaya, GaiyaLand, Earth
39. FiaFiah, FyaFlame
40. NiaNiah, NyahPurpose
41. PiaPiah, PyaDevout, Pious
42. SiaSiah, SyaHelper
43. TiaTiah, TyahAunt
44. ViaViah, VyaRoad, Way
45. ZiaZiah, ZyaLight, Splendor
46. EsraEzra, EsrahHelp
47. JadaJaden, JadahKnowing
48. LonaLona, LoanSolitary
49. VivaVivah, VyvaAlive
50. RafaRafah, RaphaGod has healed

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Ending With A. We trust you’ve found inspiration, and maybe even the perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget, each name holds a story, a spirit, and a unique melody. Remember to peruse more of our baby name lists on our site as you embark on this exciting voyage to motherhood!

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