50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with S: Savor the Richness of Greek Culture

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is like weaving her first story. If you’re passionate about Greek culture or just love its lyrical charm, our curated list of “50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with S” will offer you beautiful and meaningful options.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, carries a Greek name that exudes strength and individuality. Sofia Vergara, a talented actress with a Greek name, exemplifies beauty and charm. Let their successful stories be an inspiration for your baby girl’s journey.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SelenaCelena, Selina, SeleneMoon goddess
SofiaSophia, SophieWisdom
StellaStela, Stelle, EstellaStar
SeleneCelene, Selina, SelenaMoon
SapphoSapho, SaffoSapphire stone
StaciaStacee, Stacie, StacyResurrection
SibyllaSybilla, Sibilla, SybilProphetess, oracle
SotiriaSoteria, SotiriyaSalvation
SandraSandrah, Sanda, SandiDefender of people
SoleneSolen, Solena, SolanaSunlight
SeraphinaSeraphine, SeraphinFiery ones
SamaraSumara, Samar, SemaraUnder God’s rule
SusannahSusanna, SuzannaLily
SilviaSylvia, Silvie, SylvieSpirit of the wood
SerafimaSeraphima, SeraphimaBurning ones
SemeleSemelle, Semeli, SemelieEarth
SyntycheSynthyche, SentycheFate
StephaninaStephania, StefaniaCrowned
SapphiraSaphira, Sapphire, SaphirePrecious stone
SirenaSerena, Serina, SarenaEnchanter
StavroulaStavroulla, StavrolaCross
SymeonSymeona, Symeone, SymonaHear, listen
SophaSophah, SoffaWisdom
SabaSabba, Sabah, SabbahMorning
SionaSionna, Sionah, SionnaFollowing, tracking
SerenSerin, Seryn, SirenStar
SotiritsaSoteritsa, SotiretsaSalvation
SondraSaundra, SonndraDefender of men
SheaShae, Shay, SheahAdmirable
SotirioSoterio, SotiriyoDeliverance
SalomaSalome, SalomahPeace
SooSue, Su, SiuLotus flower
SulaSulah, Soola, SullahPeace
SanneSanni, Sannie, SanieLily
SidraSydra, Sidrah, SydrahLike a star
SefarinaSefarine, Sefarin, SefarenaBurning ones
SulaeSulai, Sulaie, SulaeiGleaming
SyrinSirin, Siren, SyrenFair
SimeonaSymeona, Simeonah, SymeonahHear, listen
StaasiaStasia, StaciaResurrection
SemeaSemeah, Semiah, SemiaObedient
SeliaSeliah, Saelia, CeliaBlind
SileneSylene, Sileene, SyleeneWoodland, forest
StamatiaStamatiah, StamatiyaStop
SosipatraSosipatrah, SosipatrahSavior of the father
SotiraSotirah, SoterahSafety
SyrinxSirinx, Suringx, SirringxReed

We hope you’ve enjoyed our curated list of “50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with S”. Choosing a name is a meaningful and delightful journey. We are excited to be part of your special journey and invite you to explore more unique, inspiring baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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