50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with R: A Gateway to Cultural Riches

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Choosing the right name is the first gift you’ll give your baby girl. Dive into our list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with R and start her life with a name filled with rich heritage and unique character. It’s like giving your baby a piece of history in their name!

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Greek names have graced many noteworthy figures, from the realms of arts to politics. For instance, Rhoda Gemignani, an admired American character actress, and Roxani Eleni Margariti, a renowned historian and archaeologist, bear names beginning with R. Choosing from our list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with R, you’re giving your daughter a moniker steeped in culture and significance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RheaRea, ReyaFlowing, Streaming
2. RhodaRoda, RhodiaRose
3. RheneRhena, RheneeA nymph in Greek mythology
4. RaisaRaisah, RayisaEasy-going
5. RayneRain, RaineQueen
6. Rhea SilviaRheia, Rea SilviaMother of Romulus and Remus
7. RaidaRayda, RhaidaLeader, Chief
8. RaenaRayna, RainaQueen
9. RoxeneRoxane, RoxeneDawn, Bright
10. RadmilaRadmilla, RadmylaWorker for the people
11. RadiantRadiance, RadianteShining, Bright
12. RallouRallouka, RalliaCarefree
13. RaniaRanya, RaniyaQueen
14. RheannaRheana, RhiannaGreat queen, goddess
15. Rhea SilviaRhea Sylvia, Rea SylviaMother of Rome
16. RosamundRosamunde, RosamondHorse protection
17. RomillyRomilee, RomilaFrom the open valley
18. RaphaelaRaphaella, RafelaGod has healed
19. RosalineRosalyn, RoselynBeautiful rose
20. RosalbaRosalva, RoselbaWhite rose
21. RaphaelleRaphaella, RafelleGod has healed
22. RiseRisee, RiseaRose
23. RheneaRheneah, RhineaA nymph in Greek mythology
24. RosemarieRosemary, RozmarieDew of the sea, Bitter rose
25. RhosynRosyn, RhosinRose
26. RhodeliaRhodelya, RhodelinaRose field
27. RhoswenRhoswenn, RhoswynWhite rose
28. RhodantheRhodanthea, RhodanthaRose flower
29. RhodoraRhodorra, RhodoriaRose
30. RhodopeRhodopi, RodopeA mountain in Greece
31. RheneiaRheneiah, RhineaAn island in Greece
32. RhodantheRhodanthey, RhodanthyRose flower
33. RhodaiaRhodaiah, RhodiahRose
34. RhodinaRhodine, RhodinahRose
35. RheneiaRheniah, RheneaAn island in Greece
36. RhodasiaRhodasiah, RhodasahRose
37. RhodantheaRhodantheah, RhodantheRose flower
38. RhodanthyRhodanthi, RhodanthyRose flower
39. RhodamineRhodamin, RhodamynRose
40. RhodantheRhodanthy, RhodanthiRose flower
41. RhodessaRhodessa, RhodessaRose
42. RhodantheRhodanthi, RhodanthyRose flower
43. RhodopheRhodophi, RhodophaA mountain in Greece
44. RhodopisRhodopiss, RhodopyssRosy-faced
45. RhodoraRhodorya, RhodoryaRose
46. RhodantheRhodanthi, RhodanthyRose flower
47. RhodonRhodona, RhodonnaRose
48. RhodyRhodya, RhodiaRose
49. RhodinaRhodyna, RhodinahRose
50. RheiaRhea, ReyahFlowing, Streaming

Thank you for going through our curated list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with R. The joy of naming your baby is a special one, and we’re delighted to be part of this journey. We invite you to explore more inspiring baby name ideas on our site. After all, every name carries a story waiting to be unveiled!

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