50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with R: Unveiling Timeless Classics

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Discovering the perfect name for your little man is a journey filled with excitement and significance. Our list comprising of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with R brings you closer to unique, timeless names filled with a rich history and distinct charm!

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with R

Resonating with the power and allure of Greek mythology, the name ‘Rhodes’ has been adorned by prominent figures like ‘Rhodes Reason’, the suave American actor remembered for his roles in ‘King Kong Escapes’. Similarly, ‘Rufus’, a name of Greek origin, has graced ‘Rufus Sewell’, a British-American actor known for his charismatic performances.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RaulRaoul, Raullus“Wolf counsel”
Radames“Child of the sun god”
RheaRhia, Reya“A flowing stream”
RhodosRhodus, Rhodas“Rose”
RobertRob, Bobby“Bright fame”
Rodion“Song of the hero”
RodericRoderick, Rod“Famous ruler”
RolandRolland, Rolly“Famous throughout the land”
Romulus“Citizen of Rome”
RonanRónán“Little seal”
ReynardReynardo“Strong counsel”
RichardRich, Dick“Dominant ruler”
Rikkard“Hard ruler”
Robertus“Bright fame”
RogerRog“Famous spear”
Rodericus“Famous power”
RodneiRodney“Island clearing”
Roeland“Famous land”
Rolan“Famous land”
Rolando“Renowned in the land”
Rolandus“Famous land”
Rosselin“Little red-head”
Rothad“Redhead counsellor”
Royden“Rye hill”
Ruggero“Famous spear”
Ruggiero“Famous spear”
Rui“Famous power”
Rainer“Deciding warrior”
Razvan“Bringer of good news”
Rhodius“Of the roses”
Rhodell“Rose valley”
Romolo“Of Rome”
Romul“Of Rome”
Rudo“Famous wolf”

Thanks for journeying with us through our list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with R. We hope it has sparked some inspiration, shedding light on the rich tapestry that is Greek naming tradition. Take this excitement one step further by exploring more of our baby-name lists on our site. Here’s to finding a name that perfectly encapsulates your little one’s identity!

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