50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with S: A Blend of Culture and Charm

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As an expectant mom, choosing your baby’s name is like mapping their first life adventure. Let’s navigate this exciting journey together by exploring 50 Greek Baby Boy names starting with S!

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with S

No doubt you’ve heard of the legendary figure, Socrates, whose philosophical insights still resonate today. Or how about the charismatic Spiros, like Spiro Agnew, the 39th vice president of the United States. These names hold a significant place in history.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SocratesSokratisWisdom
2. SpirosSpyros, SpiroSpirit
3. StavrosStavro, StavronCross
4. SotirisSoteriosSavior
5. StephanosStefanos, StefanCrown
6. StratosStraton, StratisArmy, Soldier
7. SyrusCyrus, SirusLord
8. SolonSolonusWise
9. SergiosSergei, SergioServant
10. SevastianSebastian, SebastosVenerable
11. SosigenesSosigeneBrought by the Sun
12. SosthenesSosteneSafe in Strength
13. StamatiosStamatius, StamatyStop
14. StylianosStelian, StylianPillar
15. SimeonSimon, SimionThe Listener
16. SostratosSostrates, SostrateSafe Army
17. SabinosSabino, SabineSabine Man
18. SinisSynis, CynisPecan Tree
19. SyagriosSyagrius, SyagriFugitive
20. SpathariosSpathari, SpatharusSword Bearer
21. SylasSilas, SylosWood, Forest
22. SokratesSocrates, SokratesPower
23. SoteresSotiris, SotiriRescue, Safety
24. SilouanosSilovan, SilouanForest
25. SthenelosSthenelo, SthenelusPowerful
26. SosipatrosSosipater, SosipatroFather Saviour
27. SolonosSolon, SolonusGreat Wisdom
28. StratigiosStratigio, StratigieArmy, General
29. StamatiusStamaty, StamatusTo Stand
30. SyagriusSyagrios, SyagriusRunaway
31. SamsonSampson, SamsonasSun
32. SileasSeilas, SyliasFrom the Woods
33. SelefkosSelefkus, SeleucusMoonshine
34. SokratiosSokratio, SokratisPower, Rule
35. SevastosSevastus, SevastusRevered
36. SeraphimSerafim, SeraphinBurning Ones
37. SeleukosSeleucus, SeleucosBright, Clear
38. SimeonesSimeon, SimeoniHearing
39. SpartakosSpartacus, SpartacusSpear
40. SostisSostys, SostiusSaviour
41. SarpedonSarpedonus, SarpedonePrince
42. SimonidesSimonid, SimonidisHearkening
43. SybarisSybarus, SybarosSupreme Height
44. SosigenusSosigene, SosigenoSafe Birth
45. SidoniusSidonios, SidonioFrom Sidon
46. SopatrosSopatro, SopatrFather Saviour
47. SosandrosSosandro, SosandrusSafe Man
48. SeleucusSeleukos, SeleucoLight
49. StathisStathus, StathyStand Firm
50. SinesiosSinesio, SinesiusHealthy

Thanks a bunch for exploring our list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with S together. Remember, your baby’s name is their first gift from you, and it’s one they’ll carry forever. Be inspired by our other baby name idea lists on our site, and happy naming!

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