50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with O for Tomorrow’s Trendsetter

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Hello, mamma-to-be! We know how exciting it is to choose a perfect name for your little angel. Let’s embark on an exciting name-finding journey together, exploring and appreciating 50 Greek baby girl names starting with O.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with O

Many influential figures proudly bear Greek baby girl names starting with O. A prime example is Olga Kurylenko, a renowned actor with Greek roots. Olympia Snowe, a respected US senator, also carries a name that starts with O, testifying to the power and elegance these names hold.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OlympiaOlympe, OlimpiaFrom Olympus
OpheliaOfelia, OphelieHelp
OceanaOceania, OcianaOcean
OctaviaOctavie, OctawiaEighth
OdeliaOdilia, OdelaI will praise God
OraOrabel, OrabellaGold
OrinthiaOrinthea, OrinthyaTo excite, stir
OrsaOrsola, OrsinaLittle bear
OrethaOreta, OreitaExcellence
OrthiaOrthie, OrtheaStraight
OtyliaOtilie, OtylieProsperous in battle
OsannaOsana, OzzannaPraise
OdessaOdette, OdelleWrath of God
OlgaOlia, OlyaHoly, blessed
OlenaOline, OlenkaLight
OreaOreola, OrelaFrom the mountains
OrfeaOrfie, OrfeyaBeautiful voice
OrientaOriente, OrindaDawn
OtaviaOtabia, OtaEighth
OxanaOksana, OxsanaHospitality
OrphneOrphnee, OrphnaeDarkness
OndinaOndine, OndyneLittle wave
OrielOriela, OriellaGold
OrissaOrisa, OrizaFrom Orissa, India
OleanaOleanna, OlianaOleander
OletheaOlethia, OlytheaTruth
OnellaOnelle, OnelaLight
OnaraOnarah, OnairaLight
OneidaOnyda, OnedaStone people
OnoraOnorah, OnoreaHonor
OrianaOrianne, OrianeDawn
OrindaOrindah, OrindiTree
OrithyiaOrithiya, OrithieWoman raging in madness
OshaOshah, OsshaMiracle
OtheliaOthelie, OthellaWealth
OuraniaOuranya, OuranieThe heavenly
OvidiaOvidiu, OvidSheep
OzaraOzarah, OzarraGod has helped
OleisaOlesa, OleeshaProtector of humanity
OlindaOlindah, OllindaOlive tree
OdiraOdire, OdyraBorn on the road
OpalineOpalina, OpaleneJewel
OrynaOrynna, OrrynaPeace
OksanaOxsana, OksannaPraise be to God
OdianaOdiane, OdiannaSong
OrnelleOrnella, OrnelleaFlowering ash tree
OkelaniOkelanie, OkelaneeFrom heaven
OmyraOmyrah, OmiraFragrant
OlwynOlwin, OlwennWhite footprint
OvidiaOvidiu, OvídiaShepherd

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 Greek baby girl names starting with O. Choosing a name is a significant decision, and we’re here to inspire and guide you. Be sure to explore more captivating baby name idea lists on our site – let’s continue this journey together!

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