50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with N that Will Make Her Stand Out

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Choosing the name for your future princess is a thrilling voyage. Start this journey with our list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with N, and experience the joy of unearthing a name steeped in history, meaning, and unique charm.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with N

A number of influential figures don noteworthy Greek names starting with N. Renowned poetess Niki Andrikopoulou has won hearts with her lyrical prowess, while actress Nia Vardalos of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ fame brought Greek culture to international screens. Let these remarkable women inspire your baby name search!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NaiaraNayara, NaieraReference to the Virgin Mary
NanaNanna, NanGrace
NaraNarra, NairraHappy
NasiaNacia, NeeshaResurrected
NastasiaAnastasia, NastassiaResurrection
NavaraNavarra, NavrraBright Star
NectarinaNektarina, NektarynaSweet as Nectar
NeikaNeeka, NykaPeople’s Victory
NeomaNaoma, NaeomaNew Moon
NeonaNeonna, NeonahNew
NereaNereah, NeriaOcean Nymph
NeriaNeriya, NeriahLamp of God
NessaNesa, NessahPure, Holy
NiaNea, NyahBright
NikaNeeka, NykaPeople’s Victory
NikitaNiketa, NiquitaUnconquered
NikoletaNicoleta, NikolitaVictory of the People
NoaNoia, NoiahMovement
NolaNolah, NolaaBell
NoraNorah, NoraaLight
NotaNotaa, NotiaMark
NymphadoraNymphodora, NymphodoriaGift of the Nymphs
NysaNisa, NysaaGoal
NaiadNaiade, NaiidaWater Nymph
NaidaNyda, NaydaWater Nymph
NefeliNefely, NepheliCloud
NelidaNelyda, NelidiaShining
NereidaNereyda, NireidaSea Nymph
NefertitiNefertity, NefertytiThe Beautiful one has come
NeithNyth, NaythDivine Mother
NemesisNemesys, NemisisRetribution
NephthysNefthys, NephthisLady of the House
NerthusNerthas, NerthosStrong
NessusNessos, NesussTraveler
NikeNyke, NaykeVictory
NiobeNyobe, NiobeyFern
NisusNyssus, NisussOne who is new
NonaNonaa, NonahNinth
NostrodamusNostrodamos, NostrodamousField of Gold
NotusNotos, NotussThe South Wind
NarcissaNarcysa, NarcissahSleep
NedaNieda, NedahInner Voice
NefertariNefertary, NefertoriBeautiful Companion
NeolaNeolah, NeolaaYoung One
NereisNereys, NereissSea Nymph
NesaNeesa, NeesahPure
NovaNovah, NovaaNew
NyxNix, NyxxNight
NysaNysah, NysaaBeginning

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 Greek baby girl names starting with N. We hope you found the perfect match for your little one! Remember, there’s a world of baby names waiting for you on our site. Get inspired, explore more, and find the name your child will love growing into.

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