50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with N: Ancient Names for Modern Boys

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Choosing a baby name is more than just a decision—it’s an exciting journey! If you’re drawn towards names with Greek roots, we have a delightful list curated just for you: 50 Greek baby boy names starting with N.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Greek names starting with N carry a unique charm and are shared by some celebrated figures. Take for example, Nikos Kazantzakis, the renowned Greek author known internationally for his novel, “Zorba the Greek”. Or the famous Greek-American actor, Nicholas “Nick” Galitzine, best known for his role in ‘Cinderella’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NikolaosNikos, NicolasVictory of the People
2. NestorNester, NesterosTraveler, voyager
3. NiketasNikita, NiketasVictor, conqueror
4. NaoumNaum, NahumComforter
5. NiconNikon, NikkonVictory
6. NereusNereos, NereoWater
7. NyxNix, NixieNight
8. NicomedesNikomedes, NicomedeVictor in battles
9. NicostratusNikostratos, NicostroArmy victory
10. NeoptolemusNeoptolome, NeoptolmeYoung warrior
11. NymphasNymphos, NymfasGroom, Bridegroom
12. NarcissusNarcis, NarcisseSelf-love
13. NicanorNikanorVictor
14. NemesiusNemeses, NemesioJust, fair
15. NaupliusNauplios, NaupliousSailor
16. NikandrosNikander, NicandrosMan’s victory
17. NeleusNeleos, NeloYoung, fresh
18. NeritosNerito, NeritusSea, water
19. NisusNysus, NisousTrial, test
20. NereidesNereidos, NereidSea nymphs
21. NireusNireo, NireousGod of sea
22. NebrosNebro, NebronDeer, fawn
23. NarkissosNarcisso, NarcissousSleep, numbness
24. NovelliusNovellio, NovellousNew
25. NausithousNausitho, NausithusSwift ship
26. NicephorusNikiforos, NikoforusBearer of victory
27. NemeleNemeleo, NemeleusSacred grove
28. NemonNemonos, NemoneOf the woods
29. NeleosNeleo, NeleousBy the river
30. NicodemusNikodimos, NikodemusVictory of the people
31. NarkissosNarkisso, NarkissousSleep, numbness
32. NiceasNiceo, NiceusVictory
33. NireasNireo, NireusSea nymph
34. NapeusNapeo, NapeusFrom the vale
35. NarkissosNarkisso, NarkissousSleep, numbness
36. NeoklesNeokleo, NeokleusNew Glory
37. NeoptolemosNeoptolome, NeoptolmusNew warrior
38. NothosNotho, NothousIllegitimate
39. NikiasNikiaso, NikiasusVictorious
40. NisaiosNisaio, NisaiusFrom Nisa
41. NomiosNomio, NomiusOf the pasture
42. NotosNoto, NotusSouth wind
43. NymphiosNymphio, NymphiusBridegroom
44. NeomeniosNeomenio, NeomeniusNew moon
45. NikodromosNikodromo, NikodromusRunning to victory
46. NikogenesNikogene, NikogenesBorn to victory
47. NymphodorusNymphodoro, NymphodorusGift of the bride
48. NycterisNyctero, NycterisOf the night
49. NeoNeos, NeoNew
50. NysaNysa, NysaeusGoal, start

Thank you for taking the time to explore our list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with N. We hope it sparked inspiration in your journey towards choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy. For more delightful and unique baby name ideas, don’t forget to delve into our other baby name lists on our site. Safe journey on this wonderful naming adventure!

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