50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with M: Unique Ideas for Your Little One

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Hey there, mom-to-be! We know picking your little man’s name can be a big decision. But not to worry, we’re here to help! We’ve curated a list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names starting with M, filled with meaning and heritage, perfect for your future heartbreaker.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with M

From the world of sports, theater, and music, many notable personalities proudly bear Greek names starting with M. For instance, Miltiades, a revered ancient general who led the Greeks to victory at the Battle of Marathon. On a lighter note, Melissinos, a contemporary Greek poet whose work has found fans across the world, including famous artists and celebrities.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MiltiadesMiltos, Miltiadis“Red earth”
2. ManolisEmanuel, Immanuel“God is with us”
3. MenelausMenelaos“Withstanding the people”
4. MinosMinoas, Mino“King”
5. MyronMyros“Myrrh, fragrance”
6. MakariosMakis“Blessed, happy”
7. MelanthiosMelanthos“Dark flower”
8. MetrophanesMetrophanis“Mother-appearing”
9. MichalisMichail, Michael“Who is like God?”
10. MorpheusMorfeas“Fashioner, molder”
11. MaximusMaksimos, Maximos“Greatest”
12. MenesMenas“Enduring, to last”
13. MyrtoonMyrto, Myrtos“Myrtle”
14. MegaklesMegacles“Great glory”
15. MelanthusMelanthos“Black flower”
16. MnesarchusMnesarchos“Mind leader”
17. MeletiusMeletios“Caring, to care for”
18. MetagenesMetagenis“Born after”
19. MardoniusMardonis“Fast, quick”
20. MathaeusMathaios, Matthias“Gift of Yahweh”
21. MyronidesMyros“Fragrant oil”
22. MedonMedon“Ruler”
23. MonimusMonimos“Single, alone”
24. MyrsinusMyrsinos“Myrtle”
25. MegistusMegistos“Greatest”
26. MyrtilusMyrtilos“Myrtle”
27. MenedemusMenedemos“Staying, enduring”
28. MastorMastor“Master”
29. MecistesMecistis“Longest, farthest”
30. MelasMela“Black, dark”
31. MetrobiusMetrobios“Mother life”
32. MyrtilosMyrtos“Myrtle”
33. MygdonMygdon“Northern wind”
34. MesthlesMesthlos“Full, complete”
35. MimnermusMimnermos“To desire, to wish”
36. MegabatesMegabatis“Great walker, strider”
37. MeneptolemusMeneptolemos“To endure war”
38. MetroclesMetroklis“Mother famous”
39. MysonMyson“Gatherer”
40. MenephronMenephran“Enduring mind”
41. MedeusMedaios“Middle”
42. MegesMeges“Great”
43. MecistaeusMecistaios“Longest, farthest”
44. MelanthMelanthos“Black flower”
45. MetrophanesMetrophanis“Mother appearing”
46. MegareusMegareus“Great”
47. MentesMentes“Mentor, advisor”
48. MegistiasMegistias“Greatest”
49. MestorMestor“Advisor, counselor”
50. MyronidesMyros“Fragrant oil”

We hope this list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with M has sparked some inspiration for your baby boy’s big name reveal! Remember, each name carries its own symbol and story, ready to be part of your family’s tale. Thank you for journeying with us. Don’t forget to explore other baby name lists on our site for more captivating and meaningful ideas. Happy naming!

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