50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with M: Echoes of Ancient Beauty

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As an expecting momma, choosing your sweet girl’s name is one of the most precious journeys you’ll embark on! Navigate the enchanting world of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with M, each brimming with unique charm and rich cultural significance.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with M

From Hollywood to academia, a bevy of notable women wear Greek baby girl names starting with M. Hollywood siren Melina Mercouri, and Margarita Zorbala, a soulful Greek singer, are just a few who have left an indelible mark with their talent.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MelinaMelaina, MelindaHoney
MarikaMaricca, MarenkaBitter
MyrtoMyrtia, MyrtisMyrtle tree
MirenaMirina, MarinaOcean
MariamMaryam, MarianaBitter Sea
MirtaMyrtha, MyrtiaMyrtle Tree
MinervaMenerva, MenrvaMind
MelpomeneMelpomeni, MelpomeneiaTo sing, the muse of tragedy
MenaMenah, MeenaMoon
MyraMyrra, MiraMyrrh
MarcellaMarcela, MarcellinaWarlike
MelaniaMelaniya, MelanijaBlack, Dark
MeganMeagan, MeghanPearl
MelisaMelissa, MelisssaHoney Bee
MariaMarie, MariyaBitter Sea
MaiaMaya, MajaMother
MartaMartha, MarhtaLady, Mistress
MetisMêtis, MitisWisdom, skill
MichelleMichele, MichelWho is Like God
MyriamMiriam, MaryamBitter Sea
MauraMavra, MoiraDark Skinned
MagdaleneMagdalen, MagdalenaWoman from Magdala
MarilenaMarilina, MarilynBitter Light
MirnaMerna, MurnaTender
MadelineMadeleine, MadelynHigh Tower
MykonosMykonose, MikonosThe island of winds
MarsiaMarsya, MarziaBelongs to Mars
MyceneMycenea, MeceneMushroom
MelissaMelissia, MelisseHoney Bee
MelpomeneMelpomena, MelpominaChoir
MaureenMoreen, MaurineGreat
MegaraMegarah, MagaraPearl
MegMege, MiegPearl
MarisMariss, MariseOf the sea
MalaMalla, MalyaChaplet
MaxineMaxene, MaxinaGreatest
MettaMetah, MetteLove
MedeaMedeia, MedeiahCunning
MaviseMavisse, MavisseaSongbird
MarisolMarisole, MarisollSea and Sun
MurielMuriele, MurielleBright Sea
MirellaMirela, MiriellaTo admire
MillieMilly, MilieGentle strength
MoiraMora, MorrowFate
MeraudMerad, MerawdEmerald
MichaelaMikaela, MichealaWho is Like God
MorellaMorela, MorenaSea Nymph
MaeMay, MaiMonth of May
MilaMilla, MylaGracious, dear

Thanks for diving into our curated list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with M. The journey of choosing a name for your baby is weighted with excitement and significance. We hope you found some names that resonate with you and your little one’s budding personality. Remember, inspiration is just a click away! For more baby name ideas and fascinating insights, explore our other lists on our site. Happy naming!

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