50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with L: Choose a Name with a Story

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Picking the perfect name for your baby girl can feel like a huge task – but it’s also one of the most exciting parts of early motherhood! Our list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with L will explore a treasure trove of names, each one unique and filled with rich Greek heritage.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with L

Did you know famous personalities like Lana Del Rey, Laura Bush, and Lydia Koniordou all have Greek names that start with L? Choosing a Greek name not only ties your little one to an ancient and fascinating culture, but also connects her to strong, influential women from various walks of life.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. LydiaLidia, Lydiya, LydeaWoman from Lydia (an ancient place in Asia)
2. LedaLyda, Lida, LeidaWoman
3. LambriniLabrini, Labreenee, LambrianiBright
4. LaraLarah, Larra, LareaCheerful, famous
5. LetaLetta, Leita, LetaJoy, gladness
6. LysandraLisandra, Lissandra, LyssandraLiberator
7. LeonoraLenora, Lenore, LeandraCompassion, light
8. LileasLilias, Lillias, LileasuLily
9. LefkotheaLefkotheah, Lefkothia, LefkoteaWhite goddess
10. LykaiosLykaos, Lycaios, LykaihosShe-wolf
11. LysistrateLyzistrate, Lysistratta, LysistrataLiberator
12. LeandraLiandra, Leeandra, LeondraLion woman
13. LykopisLycopis, Lykoppis, LycoopisWolf-eyed
14. LigeiaLygeia, Ligea, LygiaClear-voiced
15. LystraLyztra, Liztra, ListraLiberating
16. LigeiaLygeia, Ligea, LygiaClear-voiced
17. LysaLisa, Lyssia, LysiaLiberator
18. LisimbaLysimba, Lisimbah, LysimbahLion’s heart
19. LysistrateLysistrata, Lyzistrate, LysistrattaLiberator
20. LysippeLysippe, Lyzippa, LisippeHorse lover
21. LarisaLarissa, Larisah, LarysaCitadel
22. LycaoniaLykaonia, Lykonnia, LikaoniaShe-wolf
23. LachesisLakhesis, Lachesys, LachisesFate
24. LatonaLatonia, Latonah, LaetonaGoddess of light
25. LigeaLygea, Ligeia, LygiaClear-voiced
26. LyndeLynda, Lindy, LyndiPretty
27. LaraineLorrain, Lorraine, LareineThe queen
28. LeocadiaLeokadia, Leacadia, LyokadiaClear, bright
29. LysaLyssa, Lyzsa, LizsaNoble
30. LysidiceLyzidice, Lizidice, LisidiceFreed through justice
31. LycoreaLycoria, Likorea, LykoreaWolf-hearted
32. LycurgusaLykourgusa, Licurgusa, LikurgusaWolf’s power
33. LysippeLyzippa, Lysippe, LizippaHorse lover
34. LyrisLyrys, Lyri, LyryHarp
35. LysiniaLysinea, Lyzinia, LyzineaLiberator
36. LysandraLysandrea, Lyzandra, LizandraLiberator
37. LysitheaLisithea, Lyzithea, LizitheaReleased by justice
38. LycasteLykaste, Likaste, LycashteWolf-like
39. LalageLalagia, Lalagy, LallageTalkative
40. LysimacheLysimacha, Lyzimache, LizimacheBattle liberator
41. LycoLyko, Liko, LyckoWolf
42. LysinnaLyzinnia, Lysinnea, LyzinnaLiberator
43. LysidiceLyzidice, Lysidise, LyzidiseFreed through justice
44. LynceusLynceuse, Lynceos, LinceusLynx
45. LycomedesLykomedes, Lycomedis, LykoomedesWolf leader
46. LycurgusLykurgus, Lycurge, LicurgusWolf leader
47. LysimachusLysimachos, Lyzimachus, LizimachusBattle liberator
48. LycurgusLykurgus, Lycurg, LykurgWolf leader
49. LynxLynks, Lynxs, LynxesLynx
50. LyraLyrah, Lira, LyriaLyre

And that’s our list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with L! We hope you found it informative and inspiring. Choosing a baby’s name is a beautiful journey, and we’re delighted to be a part of yours. Want to explore more? Check out our other fascinating baby name guides. Thanks for reading, and happy naming!

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