50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with L That Stand Out

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Hey mama-to-be! Choosing a name for your baby boy isn’t just about picking a name; it’s about gifting an identity. Our list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with L is filled with unique, meaningful options, each carrying a bit of Greek heritage. Ready to dive in?

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Did you know iconic Hollywood star, Leonard Nimoy, bore a Greek name starting with L? Similarly, Leandro Barbosa, a gifted NBA player, also has a Greek origin name beginning with L. Choosing a Greek name might just be the secret ingredient to your baby boy becoming a future star!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. LeonidasLeon, LeoLion-like
2. LinusLino, LynFlax
3. LysanderLysandros, LysanorLiberator
4. LazarusLazaro, LázaroGod is my helper
5. LeanderLeandros, LeandroLion Man
6. LachesisLacheses, LachesisDisposer of lots
7. LycurgusLykourgos, LicurgoWolf work
8. LysimachusLysimakhos, LisimacoBattle ending
9. LaiusLauis, LayosLeft-handed
10. LeucippusLeukippos, LeucipoWhite horse
11. LycusLykos, LikoWolf
12. LyncusLynkos, LinkoLynx
13. LigeiaLigea, LigiaClear-voiced
14. LycidasLycides, LicidaWolf
15. LamponLamponos, LamponeShining
16. LycastusLykastos, LicastoPure light
17. LycomedesLykomedes, LicomedeWolf leader
18. LacharesLacharis, LacharoLacking grace
19. LysippeLysippos, LisippoHorse lover
20. LysiasLysias, LisiaEnding
21. LabdacusLabdakos, LabdacoWalker
22. LaelapsLaelaps, LelapoHurricane
23. LynceusLynkeus, LinceoLynx-eyed
24. LocrusLokros, LocroFrom Locris
25. LycophronLykophron, LicofronoWolf minded
26. LaomedonLaomedon, LaomedonteRuler of the people
27. LepreusLepreos, LepreoFrom Lepre
28. LeucadiusLeukadios, LeucadioWhite, bright
29. LysaniasLysanias, LisaniaEnding rebirth
30. LepidusLepidos, LepidoCharming
31. LoxiasLoxias, LoxiaObscure
32. LyctusLyktos, LictoWolf
33. LampsaceLampsake, LampsaceTorch-bearer
34. LaiusLaios, LaoLeft-handed
35. LysidiceLysidike, LisidiceJustice liberator
36. LysimachusLysimakhos, LisimacoEnding battle
37. LaodamasLaodamas, LaodamaSubduer of the people
38. LycusLykos, LicoWolf
39. LaocoonLaokoon, LaocoontePeople power
40. LysippusLysippos, LisippoHorse freedom
41. LeonteusLeontios, LeonteoLion-like
42. LaodocusLaodokos, LaodocoGlory of the people
43. LysisLysis, LisiaEnding
44. LeotychidesLeotychidas, LeotichidaJoy of the people
45. LysanderLysandros, LisandroLiberator
46. LeosthenesLeosthenes, LeostenesStrength of a lion
47. LycormasLykormas, LicormasWolf bane
48. LycoreusLykoreus, LicoreoWolf shepherd
49. LysimachusLysimakhos, LisimacoEnding battle
50. LynceusLynkeus, LinceoLynx-eyed

Phew! That’s the end of our journey through 50 Greek baby boy names starting with L. Thanks for coming along. Choosing a name is an exciting milestone in your journey as an expectant mother. We hope our list has inspired you and made your task a tad easier. Hungry for more name inspiration? Be sure to check out other baby name idea lists on our site. After all, a name is forever, so let’s make it count!

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