50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with K: Unleash the Myth Within

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Finding the perfect name for your little bundle of joy can feel like a big undertaking, right? Dive into our exciting list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with K and let’s find a name that’s as special as the little man you’re expecting.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with K

From ancient philosophers to modern-day artists, Greek names starting with K have graced many notable figures. Known for their wisdom and creativity, figures like Kostas Martakis, a popular Greek singer, and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the current Prime Minister of Greece, proudly bear these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KyrosKyro, KyronLord
KostasKosta, KostisConstant
KalliasKallius, KallianBeauty
KritonKritan, KrytonJudge
KastorKastore, KastorusBeaver
KassandrosKassandra, KassandrusShining upon man
KharitonKharitan, KharitonosGrace, kindness
KleitosKleito, KleitusGlorious
KhrisostomosKhrissostomos, KhrisostomWith golden mouth
KiprosKipro, KiprosiaCyprus
KleonKleone, KleonusFamous
KallistrateKallistratos, KallistratLead with beauty
KlearchosKlearcho, KlearcosRenowned, famous
KorneliosKornelio, KorneliosoHorn
KonstantinosKonstantino, KonstantinousConstant
KharalamposKharalampo, KharalambosShine with joy
KleopasKleopaso, KleopasuFather’s glory
KalliklesKalliklio, KalliklousBeautiful glory
KallisthenesKallisthene, KallisthenosBeautiful strength
KaiephosKaiephon, KaiephusLight, luster
KratesKrateo, KratusRuler, power
KalligenesKalligene, KalligenoBorn beautiful
KharisKhariso, KharisuGrace, kind
KitoKitoi, KitonFar sighted
KlitosKlytos, KlitusFamous, noble
KallimachosKallimacho, KallimachusBeautiful battle
KolosKolo, KolusStunted, dwarf
KerberosKerbero, KerberusDemon of the pit
KhrisanthosKhrisantho, KhrisanthuGolden flower
KosmasKosmo, KosmusOrder, decency
KalonKalone, KalonusBeautiful, good
KharitonKharitono, KharitonuGrace, kindness
KypriosKyprio, KypriusLike Cyprus
KronosKrono, KronousRuler, power
KydonesKydone, KydonusQuince
KallinikosKalliniko, KallinikusBeautiful victory
KyriakosKyriako, KyriakusOf the lord
KtesiphonKtesiphono, KtesiphonusPossessing a voice
KadmilosKadmilos, KadmiloThe east
KrinoKrinoi, KrinosJudge
KlerosKlero, KlerusLot, heritage
KyranosKyranio, KyranousLord
KalogerousKalogero, KalogerouMonastery servant
KarmiosKarmio, KarmiusGardener
KyrillosKyri, KyrillLordly, masterful
KallynteriaKallynterio, KallynteriusFestival of cleaning
KsenophonKsenophono, KsenophonusForeign voice
KarposKarpo, KarpuFruit
KleitosKleito, KleitusGlory
KarmelosKarmelo, KarmelousGarden
KallinicusKallinico, KallinicusGreat victory
KhrusovalantisKhrusovalanto, KhrusovalantusGolden light
KharopsKharopo, KharopusGleaming eye
KontaratosKontarato, KontaratusShort

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey through our list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with K. We hope you’ve found inspiration and maybe even the perfect name for your little one! Don’t forget to check out our other fascinating baby name idea lists on our site for even more inspiration. Happy naming!

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