50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with K: Unearth Timeless Treasures

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Calling all moms-to-be who are on the hunt for the perfect baby name! If you’re craving something unique yet grounded in tradition, our list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with K is the treasure trove you’ve been searching for. Get ready to dive into a world of beautiful names, each carrying the legacy of an ancient culture.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with K

Greek names starting with K have been carried by influential figures throughout history. Kallista Flockhart, a renowned American actress, bears a Greek name that means ‘most beautiful’. Kassandra Wilson, a Grammy-winning jazz musician, carries a name with roots in Greek myth. Finally, Katerina Graham, actress and philanthropist, owns a Greek-origin name meaning ‘pure’. These names certainly deserve a spot on your list of considerations!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KallistaCallista, KallystaMost beautiful
KassandraCassandra, KassieHelper of man
KalliopeCalliope, KallyopeBeautiful voice
KaterinaKatrina, KatherinePure
KiraKyra, KeiraLady
KyriakiKiriaki, KyriakeOf the Lord, Sunday
KlothoClotho, KlothoSpinner (of Fate)
KleioClio, CleoGlory
KynthiaCynthia, KynthiaOf Mount Kynthos
KoraliaCoralie, CoraliaCoral
KoralloCorallo, KoralCoral
KreousaCreousa, KreusaRuler
KrysantheChrysanthe, KrysanteGolden flower
KallistrateCallistrateBeautiful army
KallidoraCallidoraGift of beauty
KalligeniaCalligenia, KalligenBeautiful birth
KallixeneCallixene, KallixenaBeautiful stranger
KassianeCassiane, KassianaCinnamon, Cassia
KyparissiaCyparissia, KyparisseCypress tree
KallirhoeCallirhoe, KalliroeBeautiful flow
KallistoCallisto, KallistaMost beautiful
KymaKimma, KymerWave
KaterineKatrine, KatherinePure
KyveliCybele, KiveliMother of all gods
KassiopeiaCassiopeia, KassiopeVain queen
KassiopaiaCassiopeia, KassiopVain queen
KephaloniaCephalonia, KephiaHead
KhrystalleCrystelle, KhrystalCrystal
KharissaCharissa, HarissaGrace, kindness
KryspyCrispy, KrispyCurly-haired
KrysaniaChrysania, KrysanyaGolden one
KrysolineChrysoline, KrysolyaGolden flax
KlodiaClaudia, ClodiaEnclosure
KioniKionie, KioniaUniverse
KyprisCyprus, CyprisLove, beauty
KordeliaCordelia, KordelieHeart
KleopatraCleopatra, CleoFather’s glory
KlothildeClothilde, KlothildaFamous in battle
KleodoraCleodora, KlaodoraGift of glory
KypriaCypria, CyprisFrom Cyprus
KassiteraCassitera, KasiCassiterides
KarmenCarmen, KarminaSong
KallientaCallienta, KalyentaMost beautiful
KalligenCalligen, KaliBeautiful birth
KallixtinaCallixtina, KallieBeautiful stork
KassioCassio, KasioEmpty, vain
KlytieClytie, KlytiaRenowned beauty
KydoniaCydonia, KedoniaFrom Kydonia
KteniaCtenia, KtenaComb
KallixeinaCallixeina, KalliBeautiful stranger
KallinikaCallinika, KalliBeautiful victory
KallithoeCallithoe, KalliBeautiful goddess

We hope this article stoked your excitement and aided you in your quest for the perfect name. Remember, each of these 50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with K holds a unique charm and powerful significance. Go ahead and wield the power of tradition as you select a name that will shape your baby’s identity. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special journey, and don’t stop here—explore more amazing baby name ideas on our site!

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