50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with J to Welcome Your Baby Joyfully

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Hello there, expecting moms! In the magical journey of motherhood, naming your little one is a moment filled with joy and anticipation. Let’s embark together on a quest to unveil 50 Greek baby girl names starting with J that are as unique as your little princess.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with J

Did you know Jennifer Aniston, known for her iconic role in ‘Friends’, carries a Greek baby girl name starting with J? Her name, ‘Jennifer’, is a variation of ‘Guinevere’, which bears Greek origins. And how can we forget about Julia Roberts, another heartthrob with a Greek name starting with J? ‘Julia’ is a classic Greek name meaning ‘youthful’. These standout personalities are testament to the charm and sophistication of Greek names starting with J.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JaelyJaelyn, Jaelynn“Jae’s meadow”
2. JacintaJacintha, Hyacinth“Hyacinth flower”
3. JacintheJacynth, Jacintha“Hyacinth”
4. JackieJacki, Jacqui“One who supplants”
5. JadaJade, Jaida“Stone of the side”
6. JadeJada, Jayde“Stone of the side”
7. JadenJadon, Jayden“Jehovah has heard”
8. JaidenJayden, Jaden“Jehovah has heard”
9. JaileneJaylene, Jayleen“Jay + Eileen”
10. JainaJayna, Jana“Good character”
11. JairaJairah, Yaira“Jehovah enlightens”
12. JaleesaJalisa, Jaleesa“Promise of God”
13. JamekaJameeka, Jamika“Supplanter”
14. JameliaJamelia, Jamilia“Beautiful”
15. JamieJaimie, Jayme“One who supplants”
16. JanaJaana, Jannah“God is gracious”
17. JanaeJanai, Janaea“God is gracious”
18. JaneJayne, Jaine“God is gracious”
19. JanelJanell, Janelle“God is gracious”
20. JanetJanette, Janeta“God is gracious”
21. JaniceJanis, Janise“God is gracious”
22. JanineJanin, Janina“God is gracious”
23. JasmineJasmin, Yasmine“Jasmine flower”
24. JaylaJaala, Jaylah“Jay + Kayla”
25. JaylenJaylin, Jaylyn“Jay + Lynn”
26. JaylynJaelyn, Jaylen“Jay + Lynn”
27. JayneJane, Jayna“God is gracious”
28. JazmineJasmin, Jasmine“Jasmine flower”
29. JeanJeanne, Jeane“God is gracious”
30. JeanaGina, Gena“God is gracious”
31. JeanetteJeannette, Janette“God is gracious”
32. JeanineJeannine, Janine“God is gracious”
33. JeannaJana, Jenna“God is gracious”
34. JemimaJemimah, Jemmy“Dove”
35. JennaJena, Ginna“Fair phantom or white shadow”
36. JenniferJenniffer, Jenifer“Fair one”
37. JennyJenni, Jennie“God is gracious”
38. JeriJerri, Jerry“Spear ruler”
39. JericaJerika, Jericka“Ruler with the spear”
40. JessaJesa, Jessah“God beholds”
41. JessicaJessika, Jesica“God beholds”
42. JessieJessi, Jessy“God beholds”
43. JewelJewell, Juel“Precious gem”
44. JewelsJewls, Jules“Precious gem”
45. JillJil, Jilli“Youthful”
46. JillianJillan, Gillian“Youthful”
47. JoanaJoanna, Johana“God is gracious”
48. JoannaJoannah, Johanna“God is gracious”
49. JocelynJoslyn, Joclyn“Member of the Gauts tribe”
50. JoyJoi, Joie“Happiness, joy

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with J. We hope it has inspired you and sparked ideas for your little one’s moniker. Remember, each name is a gift filled with love and meaning. For more baby name inspiration, don’t forget to check out our other exciting baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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