50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with J With Meaningful Origins

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Hey there, fellow mommy-in-waiting! Embarking on the journey of selecting a name for your baby boy is both exciting and monumental! With our list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with J, delve into a world of intriguing linguistic charm mixed with a pinch of Greek tradition.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with J

Many influential faces share these Greek-inspired monikers. One prime example is ‘Jason,’ a popular Greek boy’s name starting with J, shared by the renowned Jason Mamoa and the talented music artist, Jason Mraz. Similarly, ‘Jeremiah,’ of Biblical and Greek origin, graces the charismatic actor, Jeremy Irons. These names carry a legacy worth considering for your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JasonJayson, JasenHealer
JairosJairoHe enlightens
JaseJayce, JaceHealer
JasperJaspur, JasparTreasurer
JonasJonah, JonaDove
JaredJarred, JaretDescending
JoelJoell, JoelleYahweh is God
JulesJulius, JulienYouthful
JeromeJeromHoly name
JaxonJaxsonSon of Jack
JustinJustinianJust, fair
JarethJarethBlend of Jared and Gareth
JanakisJanakiesGod’s gift
JanecosJanekosGift from God
JanadiosJanadeosWine god
JhordanJhordaneFlowing down
JermayneJermaine, GermaineBrother
JerrickJericStrong ruler
JiorgioGio, JioFarmer
JevonJavonGod is gracious
JizanniGizzaniGod’s gracious gift
JihoGijoRespected and noble
JorrelJerrellMighty spearman
JoviJovie, JovyFather of sky
JivaniJovan, JovanoVibrant
JontiJantiGod is gracious
JosafatJosaphatGod has judged
JermanyGermany, GermenyFrom Germany
JeronJerronHoly name
JerichoJhericoCity of the moon
JorrelJorelMighty spearman
JarranJarenSinging river
JabezJabezzPain or sorrow

Thanks for journeying with us through this eclectic range of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with J. The journey of parenthood is filled with many decisions, but choosing a name for your son is certainly one of the most exciting. We hope our list has sparked your imagination and possibly even helped you find ‘the one’. For more inspiration, enjoy exploring our other baby name idea lists right here on our site. Happy naming!

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