50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with I: Dive into Ancient Wisdom

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Hey mama! We understand that choosing the right name for your little one can be a monumental task. We’re here to help with a unique and heartfelt list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with I, steeped in history and filled with beauty.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting With I

Names are more than just labels – they carry a legacy. Take for instance, influential figures like Iasonas Kokkinos, a renowned Greek singer, and Iason Mavroudis, a famous Greek guitarist. These names starting with ‘I’ echo uniqueness and may serve as an inspiring choice for your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. IasonJason, JaisonTo heal
2. IliasElias, ElyasJehovah is God
3. IoannisYannis, YanisGod is gracious
4. IakovosJakobos, IacobusSupplanter
5. IordanesJordan, YordanTo flow down
6. IsidorosIsidore, IsidroGift of Isis
7. IppokratisHippocrates, HippokratesHorse power
8. IkarosIcarus, IkarusFollower
9. IsmenosIsmeno, IsmenusKnowledge
10. IdomeneusIdomeneo, IdomeniosTo stay at home
11. IphigeniosIphigenius, IfigeniosBorn strong
12. IppolitosHippolytus, HippolitFree horse
13. IokastosIocastus, JocastusJust, fair
14. IsokratesIsocrates, IsokratisEqual power
15. IpparchosHipparchus, IpparchusMaster horseman
16. IoulianosJulian, JulienYouthful
17. InachosInachus, InakhosStream
18. IfaistosHephaestus, AifostosBright
19. IapetosIapetus, IapetusTo pierce deeply
20. ItysItus, ItisTo go
21. IrosEros, EirusLove
22. IphikratesIphicrates, EphicratesPowerful army
23. IthomatasIthomates, EthomatasSeeing afar
24. IokastosJocasta, JokastaShining Moon
25. IouventasJuventas, JouventasYouth
26. IasosIassos, JasosHealer
27. IapigeonIapigeus, IapigeaSon of Iapetus
28. IlissosIllissos, IlissusFast flowing
29. IskaiosIscaeos, IskaeusSwift
30. InoEnon, EnoneDaughter of Cadmus
31. IphimedeiaIphimede, IphimedaShe who has a strong voice
32. IphianeiraIphianeirus, IphianeurusLeading men
33. IasoIaso, IasusHealer
34. IchnobatesIchnobates, IchnobateTrace walker
35. IatroklesIatrocles, IatrokleHealer’s fame
36. IbykosIbycus, IbicusSong-bird
37. IdaeusIdaeus, IdaeosOf Mount Ida
38. IkarionIcarius, IcarionFollower
39. IlioneusIlioneus, IlionaTrojan Warrior
40. IphiclesIphicles, IphiklesMighty Glory
41. IsionIsion, IsionasSwift
42. IsyllosIssylos, IsylusFlowing
43. IxionIxion, IxionaTraveller
44. IxidorIxidor, IxidoraIllusionist
45. IobatesJobates, IobatesIllustrious horse
46. IphitosIphitus, IfitosStrong horse
47. IsterIster, IsterosRich
48. IschenousIschenus, IschenosMighty strength
49. IdasIdas, IdasosSeer
50. IolucaIoluca, IolucusBright

We hope you enjoyed our handpicked list of Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with I. Our aim was to inspire you, as you embark on the exciting journey of naming your little boy. Don’t forget to check our other baby name guide lists for more fantastic name options. Happy naming!

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