50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with O: Choose a Name with History

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Choosing a name for your sweet baby boy to come is one of the most thrilling parts of pregnancy. Dive into our list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with O, and let the rich history and unique allure of these names inspire you.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Olympic athlete Odysseus Androutsos, renowned mathematician Orpheus Merkouris, and charismatic actor Orestis Tziovas have all proudly carried Greek names starting with O. These individuals have left their mark in history, exemplifying the strength and charm of Greek names for your baby boy to emulate.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OrestisOrestes, OresteMountain Man
2. OdysseusUlysses, OdiseoAngry Man
3. OrionOryan, OrianRising in the sky
4. OnassisLover of Mankind
5. OsiasOzias, OseeSalvation
6. OlympiosOlympius, OlimpioHeavenly
7. OthoOtto, OttoneWealth
8. OlympiodorosGift of Olympus
9. OnesimosOnesimus, OnésimeHelpful, Profitable
10. OkeanosOceanus, OceanoOcean
11. OnoufriosOnofrio, OnofreGood Man
12. OctaviousOctavius, OctavioEighth
13. OrpheusOrfeo, OrfeyThe Darkness of Night
14. OidipousOedipus, –Swollen Foot
15. OenopionWine Drinker
16. OrmenosMountain Snake
17. OrthaeusOrthaios, –Of the Mountains
18. OileusNimble
19. OinomaosOenomaus, –Wine Man
20. OpsOpa, –Wealth, Power
21. OcheanusDivine River
22. OrtyxQuail
23. OphelosProfit
24. OrthrosDawn
25. OuranosUranus, UranoHeaven
26. OtosEar
27. OxylusSharp, Acute
28. OchimusRising Sun
29. OiagrosOeagrus, –Goat Hunter
30. OtusKeen of Hearing
31. OmestesEater of Raw Flesh
32. ObrimusStrong, Sturdy
33. OlymposHome of the Gods
34. OrsiphantesDarkness of Night
35. OiolykaWho Has Healing Power
36. OlymposdireusLord of Olympus
37. OxyntesSharp, Quick
38. OrtheiaWho Stands on the Mountain
39. OebalusAncient King
40. OpitesHelpful
41. OrseisMountain Nymph
42. OistrosPassionate
43. OncestorBegetter
44. OpheltesHelpful
45. OnchestosWho is Steady
46. OcnusLaborious
47. OrthanesWho Rises
48. OzaeusSalvation
49. OricusFrom the Orient
50. OlbiusFrom the City

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with O. We hope these names have sparked inspiration and excitement as you prepare for your little one’s arrival. Keep the inspiration flowing by checking out more of our curated baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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