50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with P: Echoes from Olympus

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Hey mama-to-be, welcome to a world of enchanting names perfect for your little prince! Dive into our list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with P, steeped in rich history and mythological charm. Your baby’s perfect name might just be waiting for you here.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Petros, better known as Peter Diamandis, a Greek-American entrepreneur, embodies the strength and inventiveness of his Greek name. Then there’s Paul (Pavlos in Greek), like the beloved Beatles musician Paul McCartney. Consider Phaedon, like Phaedon Papadopoulos, the renowned physicist and mathematician. Let your future son be inspired by these namesakes.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PanosPanagiotis, Panayiotis“All Holy”
2. PanagisPanos, Panayis“All Holy”
3. PantelisPanteleimon“All Merciful”
4. ParisParis“Wager” or “To Try”
5. PavlosPablo, Paul“Small” or “Humble”
6. PetrosPeter, Pedro“Rock”
7. PhaidonPhaedon“Bright”
8. PhilemonFilemon, Philemon“Loving”
9. PhilipposPhilip, Philipp“Friend of Horses”
10. PhotiosPhotis, Fotis“Enlightened”
11. PlatonPlaton, Plato“Broad Shouldered”
12. PolykarposPolykarp, Polycarp“Much Fruit”
13. ProkopisProcopio, Procopius“Progress”
14. PyrrhosPyrrhus, Piro“Flame Colored”
15. PanagiotisPano, Pan“All Holy”
16. PanteleimonPanteleimon“All Compassionate”
17. PegasusPagasus“From the Water Spring”
18. PelagiosPelagius“Of the Sea”
19. PerseusPersa“Destroyer”
20. PlutarchPlutarco“Rich in Experience”
21. PorphyriosPorfirio“Purple Clad”
22. PoseidonPoseidon“God of the Sea”
23. ProtagorasProtagoras“First Speaker”
24. PythagorasPitagora“To Calculate”
25. PtolemyPtolemeo“Warlike”
26. PanoPano“Victorious”
27. PanayotisPanayotis“All Holy”
28. ParaskevasParaskevas“Prepared”
29. PartheniosParthenio“Virgin”
30. PascalisPascale, Pascal“Relating to Easter”
31. PatroklosPatroclus“Glory of the Father”
32. PeriklesPericles“Surrounded by Glory”
33. PetridisPeterson“Son of Petros”
34. PhoibosPhoebus“Bright, Pure”
35. PindarosPindar“Prince”
36. PolydeukesPollux“Sweet”
37. ProklosProclus“Glory”
38. PyladesPylades“Gate”
39. PanayotakisPanayotakis“All Holy”
40. PanteleimonLeimon, Panteley“All Compassionate”
41. ParaschosParaschos“Prepared”
42. PaschalisPaschalis, Paschal“Passover”
43. PelopidasPelopidas“Dark Eyes”
44. PersefonePersephone“To Destroy”
45. PhaidrosPhaidra, Phaedra“Bright”
46. PhotinusFotino, Photin“Light”
47. PylarinosPylarino, Pylarinos“Gate”
48. PolyxenosPolyxeni, Xenos“Welcome”
49. ProkopiosProcopio, Kops“Advance, Progress”
50. PtolemaiosTolmaios, Ptolemy“Aggressive, Warlike”

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey through 50 Greek baby boy names starting with P. We hope you’ve found inspiration, and maybe even the perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget to explore our other baby name lists on our site. Here’s to finding the perfect name that your child will cherish!

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