50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with P: Timeless Names for Future Leaders

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Hey there, future mama! Deciding on your baby girl’s name is a big deal – it’s part of her identity, after all. If you’re charmed by names that carry history, mystery, and a dash of the exotic, you’ll love our collection of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with P.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with P

The charm of Greek names extends beyond our everyday lives, adorning some of our favorite celebrities and influencers. One notable figure is Penelope Cruz, the award-winning Spanish actress named after the loyal wife of Odysseus from Greek mythology. Another is Pia Getty, born Princess Pia of Greece and Denmark, renowned for her philanthropic ventures.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PaigePaigh, PageYoung servant
PallasPalas, Pales, PallisWisdom
PamPammy, PammieAll sweetness
PandoraPandy, Dora, PandieAll gifted
PansyPansi, PanceyViolet flower
ParisParrish, ParisaGoddess of beauty
PatiaPatya, PatriaNoblewoman
PattyPat, Patti, PattieNoble
PaulaPaola, PaulineSmall
PearlPearla, PerlaPrecious jewel
PenelopePenny, Nell, NellieWeaver
PerlaPerl, PearlaPearl
PersephonePersy, Sephie, SephBringer of destruction
PetraPetrah, PetrinaRock, stone
PhaedraPhedra, FaydraBright
PhoebePhebe, Feebie, FebieBright, pure
PhyliciaPhyllicia, FeliciaHappiness, good fortune
PiaPiah, PiyahPious, devout
PilarPillar, PillarrPillar
PolinaPolyna, PaolinaLittle stone
PoppyPoppie, PopiRed flower
PortiaPortiah, PorshaOffering
PoseyPosie, PosyBunch of flowers
PriscillaPrisca, Cilla, PrissyAncient
PsychePsychey, SikeSoul, spirit
Pallas AthenaAthenaGoddess of wisdom and war
PalomaPalomah, PalomarDove
Pandora HopeDora, HopeAll gifted hope
PantheaPantha, TheaOf all gods
PartheniaParthenea, TheniaMaiden
PascalePascal, PascalleRelated to Easter
PelagiaPelagea, PelageyaOf the sea
PeninaPeninah, PennaPearl or coral
PeriPerrie, PerryDweller at the pear tree
PersisPersys, PersissFrom Persia
PetalPetale, PetalleFlower petal
PheodoraPheo, Dora, PheodorahGift of God
PhyllisPhyllida, PhylisLeafy foliage
PieraPierah, PierRock, stone
PlacidiaPlacide, PlaGentle, calm
PolyhymniaPoly, HymniaMany hymns
PortulacaPortula, PortA flower name
PoseidoniaPosei, DoniaSea goddess
PraxitheaPraxi, TheaAction goddess
PriamPriamh, PryamThe ransomed
ProcrisProcrys, ProkrisFront of the race
PurisimaPuri, SimaMost pure
PythiaPythiah, PythTo rot

Thanks a ton for exploring our list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with P! We hope you’ve found some inspiration and perhaps a few front-runners for your little one. Continue fostering the thrill of choosing your baby’s name by browsing more of our curated lists of baby name ideas. Here’s to finding that perfect moniker that lights up your heart!

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