50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with G: Make Your Baby’s Name Unique

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Choosing your baby girl’s name is like unlocking a door to her future. Imagine if that key had a touch of Greek elegance and started with ‘G’? Let’s explore together 50 Greek baby girl names beginning with the letter ‘G’, and find that special name your baby girl will adore!

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with G

Did you know that famous people also sport Greek names? Consider the talented actress Gal Gadot, whose first name is a Greek baby girl name starting with ‘G’. It means ‘wave’. Or, how about Gabrielle (Gabby) Douglas, the American gymnast, whose first name, Gabrielle, derives from the Greek name Gabriela meaning ‘God’s able-bodied one.’ Inspiring, isn’t it?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GaiaGaya, GaeaEarth
GaleneGalena, GalaneCalm sea
GalatiaGalatea, GalatyaMilky white
GaliniGalyna, GalinaSerenity, calmness
GammaGamia, GaminaThe third letter in Greek alphabet
GanymedeGanymeda, GanimeGladdening king
GavrielleGavriella, GabrelaGod’s able-bodied one
GelasiaGelasia, GelasinaShe who laughs
GemmaGema, GeminaGem, precious stone
GenesiaGenesis, GanesaThe beginning
GeorgetteGeorgia, GeorgianaFarmer
GeraniumGerania, GeraniCrane
GerasimaGerasimina, GeriHonorable elder
GertrudeGertruda, GertyStrong spear
GethsemaneGetsy, ManiOil press
GiaGiah, GyaGod’s gracious gift
GiannaGeanna, GeanaGod is gracious
GianneGyanne, GyanGod is gracious
GildaGulda, GildiGolden, gilded
GillianJillian, GilianYouthful
GinaGyna, GeinaQueen
GioiaGioya, JoyaJoy
GiselleGizelle, GizelPledge
GitaGeeta, GitinaSong
GlauceGlauke, GlauceBlue-gray eyes
GlauciaGlaukia, GlaucyaBlue-gray eyes
GlykaGlykia, GlykisSweet
GlykeriaGlyceria, GlykySweet
GorgophoneGorgophoni, GorgoGorgon slayer
GracelynGracelin, GracyGraceful
GregoriaGregoriana, GregaVigilant watcher
GretaGretta, GretPearl
GwynethGwyn, GwynetBlessed, fortunate
GydaGydda, GidaDivine goodness
GythaGitha, GythiWar
GalatheaGalateah, GaleaSea nymph
GalaxiaGalaxeah, GalaxeGalaxy
GalenaGalenah, GaleanaTranquil
GaleonGaleona, GaleoniLarge ship
GaliniyaGalenya, GaliniaSerene
GavinaGavinea, GavynWhite hawk
GavrilaGabrila, GavrillaGod’s brave one
GeordieGeordi, JordieFarmer
GeorgianaGeorgianna, JorgaFarmer
GeralynGerelyn, GeralineRuler with spear
GerdaGertha, GerdinaProtected
GildaGildah, GildyCovered with a thin layer of gold
GiseldaGiselda, GiseldahPledge
GisellGisel, GisellaPledge
GladysGlady, GladisRoyalty, princess

There you have it, mama! We hope you’ve felt inspired by these 50 Greek baby girl names starting with ‘G’. Choosing your baby’s name is an exciting journey, and we’re thrilled to be part of it. Thanks for reading, and remember, there are so many more baby name ideas waiting for you on our site. Keep exploring, dreaming, and most importantly, enjoying this beautiful journey of motherhood.

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