50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with F: An Inspiring Guide for Moms

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Getting ready to welcome your little girl into the world is an exciting journey, and every journey needs a name! Let’s delve into the charm of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with F and discover a moniker that’s brimming with cultural richness and classic elegance. Let’s find one that perfectly suits your soon-to-be little princess.

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with F

Did you know that renowned actress Faye Dunaway’s name has Greek origins? Or how about Fiona Fullerton, the British actress, and singer? These notable figures carry Greek baby girl names starting with F, showcasing the timeless beauty and unique flair of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. FaidraPhaedra, FedraBright
2. FotiniPhotini, PhotineOne who brings light
3. FoteiniPhotini, FotiniLight
4. FilomenaPhilomenaLover of strength
5. FilomelaPhilomela, PhilomelLover of song
6. FiliaPhilia, FiliFriendship, Love
7. FyllisPhyllis, FillisFoliage
8. FloriaFloria, FloraBlooming
9. FaniaPhania, PhanessaAppear
10. FanoulaFanula, PhanoulaLight
11. FiroRhiro, FyroGift of God
12. FimiPhimi, PhemeReputation
13. FilisiaPhilisia, FilisiaLover of mankind
14. FiloPhilo, FilioLove
15. FaniPhani, FannyCrown, garland
16. FeliciaFelisha, PheliciaHappiness
17. FulviaFulvia, FulvaGolden
18. FrosyniFrosini, FrosoJoy
19. FrixosFrixos, PhrixosThrill, shiver
20. FriniFrini, PhryneToad
21. FrosaFrosa, ProsaDew
22. FliskaFliska, PhliskaCheerful, joyous
23. FlorindaFlorinda, FlorinaBlooming flower
24. FyllaPhylla, FyllaLeaf
25. FiliaPhilia, FiliAffection, fondness
26. FilomeneFilomene, FilominaDeep love
27. FryniFryni, FriniA classic Greek name
28. FilotheaPhilothea, FilotheiFriend of God
29. FivaFiva, PhivaGlow
30. FevroniaFevronia, FevronaGift of God
31. FilaktiPhilakti, FilaktiGuardian
32. FiraFira, FeeraEnlightenment
33. FronaFrona, PhronaThinking mind
34. FrosoulaFrosoula, FrosoulaJoy
35. FyllidaPhyllida, FyllidasLeafy
36. FyllisFyllis, PhyllisLeafy
37. FroniaFronia, PhroniaMind, intellect
38. FoteinePhotine, PhoteineThe Enlightened
39. FebePhoebe, PhoebeBright, Pure
40. FifikaPhifika, FifikaLittle girl
41. FotinaPhotina, FotinaThe Enlightened
42. FilippaPhilippa, PhilippaHorse lover
43. FrosiniFrosini, PhrosiniJoy
44. FannyFanny, FunnyFree
45. FoklorePhoklore, FokloreSeal
46. FaidraPhaedra, FaidraGlowing
47. FrosoFroso, FrosoulaJoy
48. FiorentinaFiorentina, FiorentinaBlossoming
49. FrossoFrosso, PhrossoDew
50. FrydaFryda, FridaPeace

Thank you for allowing us to guide you on this exciting journey in choosing a name for your precious little one. Our list of 50 Greek baby girl names starting with F is one of many resources we have for making this process enjoyable and fulfilling. Continue to explore, be inspired, and discover more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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