50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with G That Celebrate Strength and Virtue

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Choosing the perfect name for your sweet baby boy is a thrilling and significant part of the journey to motherhood. Our list of 50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with G is here to inspire you with names rich in meaning, tradition, and charm!

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Many notable figures bear Greek names that start with G. For instance, George Stephanopoulos, the acclaimed American television host and political commentator, proudly carries a Greek name that signifies ‘to honor.’ Similarly, Greek-American actor George Chakiris earned an Oscar for his role in ‘West Side Story’. These names carry a weight of legacy, culture, and recognition that can be bestowed upon your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GaiosGaius, CaiusRejoice
2. GalenosGalen, GalinusCalm, Healer
3. GavriilGabriel, GavriloGod is my strength
4. GeorasGeorge, GiorgosFarmer, earthworker
5. GeraintGeriant, GerantOld man
6. GerasimosGerasim, GerassimosHonorable elder
7. GerastosGerastus, GerastasSteadfast
8. GeronGeronte, GeronnOld man
9. GethinGethyn, GethonSwarthy, dark
10. GiannesGiannis, YanisGod is gracious
11. GiorgiosGiorgio, GeorgiosFarmer, earthworker
12. GlaucusGlaukos, GlaucosGrey-eyed or blue-green
13. GlykeriosGlykerio, GlykeriousSweet
14. GordionGordias, GordianFrom Gordium, the capital of Phrygia
15. GorgiasGorgius, GorgiaOld man
16. GranthamGranthum, GrathamFrom the grand homestead
17. GrigoriosGrigoris, GregoriosVigilant, watchful
18. GrigorisGrigory, GrigoriiVigilant, watchful
19. GryphonGriffon, GryfonHooked nose
20. GuthrieGuthry, GuthriWindy spot
21. GylesGiles, GylesShield bearer
22. GyorgyGeorge, GeorgyFarmer, earthworker
23. GyrusGyrus, GyrosCircle
24. GythionGytheon, GythiosLand of the giants
25. GalateaGalathea, GallateaMilk-white
26. GalaktionGalacteon, GallaktionMilky
27. GaldiGaldy, GaldieGlad, joyous
28. GaletusGaletos, GaleatusHelmeted
29. GalynGalin, GalyneTranquil
30. GamelGamell, GamalOld
31. GamuGamoo, GamewGood
32. GannicusGanicus, GannycusGenerous
33. GannysGannes, GannisGenerous
34. GaurdGaurde, GuardGuardian
35. GavrusGavros, GavrasLittle horse
36. GeffGeoff, GeofPeace
37. GeysarGysar, GysirCaesar
38. GhassanGhasan, GassanYouth, prime of life
39. GhostricoGhosterio, GhostrycoGhostlike
40. GideonGedeon, GedionFeller of trees
41. GidneyGidni, GidneeLight
42. GifreGiffre, GifreyFree
43. GilGill, GylBright promise
44. GilasGilaz, GilaseYoung goat
45. GilchristGilchrest, GilchrisServant of Christ
46. GileadGiled, GiliadRocky region
47. GillasGillaz, GillaseYoung goat
48. GillemoreGillmore, GillmooreDevoted
49. GilpinGilpen, GilpunTrusted
50. GiraldoGeraldo, GeroldoRuler with a spear

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey into the rich world of Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with G. Your baby’s name is their first gift, and what could be more precious than a name with such depth and history? Continue exploring our site for more baby name ideas that are as unique and special as your little one.

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