50 Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with H: From Historical to Hip

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Embarking on the exciting journey of motherhood? Choosing a name for your little one is one of your first acts of love. Dive into our curated list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with H; find a name that carries not just heritage, but your hopes and dreams for your future superstar.

Notable People With Greek Baby Boy Names Starting with H

It’s always inspiring to learn about famous figures who share the names we’re considering for our little ones. Take the legendary Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, known for his profound wisdom. Or the much-loved actor, Harrison Ford, whose name derives from the Greek for ‘house-ruler’. These names carry a historical weight that has shined through the ages.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HectorHektor, EctorHolding Fast
HarisCharis, HarissGrace, Kindness
HerculesHeracles, HerkulesGlory of Hera
HomerHomeros, OmeroPledge, Security
HeliodorusEliodorosGift of the Sun
HilarionIlarion, HilaryJoyful, Happy
HyacinthHyakinthosHyacinth Flower
HypatiusHypatos, HypatiosSupreme, Most High
HeronHerin, HerunHero
HyginusIgino, GinoHealthy, Vigorous
HesperosHesperusEvening Star
HesiodHesiodus, EsiodoTo send, To throw
HieronymusJerome, JeronimusSacred Name
HippolytusHippolyteFreer of Horses
HylasHilasWoodland, Forest
HelladiusElladius, HeladiusBorn in Greece
HermogenesHermogeneBorn of Hermes
HermocratesErmocratePower of Hermes
HeroHiroGreat Man, Hero
HylonomeHylonomoWood Nymph
HoplitesHopliteHeavily Armed
HesychiusEssichioQuiet, Still
HermolaiosHermolaoPeople of Hermes
HierotheosJeroteosGod’s Priest
HormisdasOrmisdaOf Renowned Wisdom
HerakleitosHeracleitusGlory of Hera
HydarnesIdarneRoyal Man
HerminiusHerminioFrom the Earth
HyperionHyperioneHe who goes above
HesrusEsrusThe East
HylaiosHilaiosWoodland God
HerakleidesEracleideSon of Heracles
HadrianAdrian, HaidrianDark One
HarpocratesHarpocrateThe Child Horus
HelikeHelicaTo twist or turn
HegetorEgetorLeader, Guide
HieraxIeraxBird of Prey
HieremiasJeremiah, JeremiasGod will uplift
HeracliusHeraclioSacred to Hera
HerophileErofileBeloved of Hera
HeliodorElidorGift of the Sun God

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Greek baby boy names starting with H. We hope it has enkindled your imagination and assisted you on this delightful journey of choosing a name for your new arrival. Remember, we have several other curated baby name lists to help you further. Keep the inspiration flowing and explore more on our site. Happy naming!

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