50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with H: Perfect for Your Little Goddess

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Choosing a name for your little one is an exciting journey full of love and anticipation. It’s not just a name, it’s a first gift that your baby girl will carry through her life. Our list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with H is full of extraordinary, meaningful choices waiting just for you!

Notable People With Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with H

Take inspiration from influential figures like Helena Paparizou, famous Greek-Swedish singer and songwriter known for her enchanting voice. Or Hara Papathanassiou, a renowned Greek film actress who has left an indelible mark with her powerful performances. These accomplished women carry Greek names that start with H, blending rich tradition with contemporary relevance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HelenaElena, HelenLight
HermiaHerma, HerminaEarthly
HaliaHalea, HalenaSea
HestiaHesta, EstiaHearth, Home
HaraHera, HerraHappiness
HebeHebee, HebaYouth
HeroHeroa, HeronaBrave One
HyacinthHyacintha, HyacintheFlower Name
HesperHespera, HesperiaEvening Star
HermioneHermiona, HermonieWell-Born, Earthly
HygieiaHygeia, HygiaHealth
HippolytaHippolita, HipolytaHorse-Freer
HarmoniaHarmonie, HarmonyConcord, Harmony
HeliaHelya, HeliaSun Ray
HeraHerrah, HarraQueen
HydriaHydriana, HydriahWater Jug
HagneHagnia, HagniePure
HelleHella, HelliaBright One
HecubaHekuba, HekabeFar-Off
HelikeHelika, HelykaRolling, Whirling
HekateHekat, HeketaFar-Off
HippeHippa, HyppaHorse
HypatiaHypacia, HypaciaMost, Best
HesioneHesiona, HesyaTo Release
HermippeHermippa, HermipHorse Strength
HegetoriaHegatoria, HegatorieLeading
HypsipyleHypsipyla, HypsipileHorse’s Bridle
HesperiaHespera, HesperEvening Star
HerophileHerophyla, HerophyleBeloved
HermineHermione, HermynaMessenger
HyaleHyala, HyalieRainy
HersiliaHersylia, HersyliaDewy
HydromedusaHydromedusia, HydromeduseWater Guardian
HerseHersa, HerseaDew
HyllusHyllusa, HyllusiaWooded
HomonoiaHomonoie, HomonoyaConcord
HermathenaHermathene, HermatheniaMessenger/Wisdom
HeracliaHeraclea, HeraclieHera’s Glory
HeroaHero, HeroraOf the Hero
HermodesHermodesa, HermodesiaGift of Hermes
HeracleaHeracle, HerakleaHeroine
HesychiaHesycha, HesychieQuiet
HermiaHermya, HermeaMessenger
HegetoriaHegetoria, HegetorieLeading
HermippeHermippea, HermippieHorse Lover
HeraHerrah, HarraQueen
HermiaHermea, HermeyaMessenger
HebeHebee, HebaYouth
HyaleHyalea, HyalieRainy
HeliaHelya, HeliaSun Ray
HeroHeroa, HeronaBrave One

Thank you for exploring our unique list of 50 Greek Baby Girl Names Starting with H. We hope you’ve discovered a name that resonates with you and suits your beautiful baby girl. Feel the thrill of naming your child and continue your exciting journey by checking out more of our baby name idea lists. Stay inspired and enjoy each moment on this special journey of parenthood!

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