50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with V: Combining Tradition with Trendy

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Welcome, mammas! If you’re exploring pathways of charm and sophistication for your baby girl’s name, then you’ve struck gold! Our list of ’50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with V’ will guide you through a scenic landscape of elegance, wrapping your little one in a name that’s as unique and beautiful as she is.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with V

Valérie Lemercier, a multi-talented French actress, director and singer, is a shining example of the allure of French names starting with V. There’s also Virginie Ledoyen, who bewitched audiences in ‘The Beach’ alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. And let’s not forget Véronique Nichanian, the Artistic Director of Hermès Menswear, who has been orchestrating French fashion at its finest for over three decades.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ValerieValérie, Valery, ValeriaStrength, Health
VeroniqueVéronique, Veronica, VeronaTrue image
VirginieVirgine, Virginia, VirginaPure, Virginal
VivienneViviane, Viviene, VivianAlive
VictoireVictoria, ViktoriaVictory
VioletteViolet, Violeta, ViolaViolet
VictoireVictoria, Vittoria, ViktoriaVictory
VanilleVanilla, VanylVanilla
ViolaineViolayne, VioleineViolet
VincianeVincienne, VincianaConquering
VeerleVerla, Verle, VirleTravel, Battle
VereneVerenee, Verenea, VyrineProtector
VeniseVenize, Venice, VennizeFrom Venice
VesperaVespira, VesperEvening star
VianneVian, ViannAlive
VestaVesta, Vestal, VestiaPure
VertilineVertiline, VertilinaGreen
VelouetteVelvette, VelouettaVelvet
ValenceValance, ValencieFrom Valencia
VarenneVarenna, VarynneSmall River
VilletteVilette, VillettSmall village
VerleyVerlie, VerliDistant Meadow
VeretieVerety, VeritiTruth
VeatriceBeatrix, BeatriceVoyager, Blessed
VidetteVidetta, VydetteBeloved
VilmaVilmar, VilmasResolute protection
ViennetteVienetta, VienetteFrom Vienna
VionnetVyonnet, VyonetteAlive
VisentineVisentine, VycentineConquering
ViridianeViridian, ViridiaGreen
VesperineVesperina, VesperEvening Star
ViancaBianca, VyankaFair, white
VellmaVelma, VhelmaResolute protector
VientaVyenta, VyentaWind
VerandaVerandah, VeranddaPorch
VentanaVentanna, VentaniaWindow
VireniaVirena, VirennaTrue image
VictoryaVictoria, VictoryVictory
VineetaVineta, VinettaHumble
VerlainaVerlaine, VerlainDistant Meadow
VivicaVivika, VyvicaAlive
ValoniaValonya, ValoniaFrom the valley
VanoraVanorra, VanorahWhite Wave
VerginiaVirginia, VerginiaPure
VerlindaVerlynda, VerlyndaBeautiful
VellvetteVelvet, VelvetteVelvet-like
ViridianneViridian, ViridianaGreen
VirelleVirela, VirellaTrue image
VignettaVignet, VignetLittle Vine
VivetteVivetta, VivettAlive

Thank you for journeying with us through our list of ’50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with V’! We hope you found inspiration in every name and are now closer to discovering that one-of-a-kind name for your darling daughter. Keep the inspiration flowing by exploring more of our unique and thoughtful baby name lists on our site. After all, every baby deserves a name that tells a story.

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