50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with V: A Toast to Timeless Traditions

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Hey mama, are you dreaming of a unique name that’s rich in culture for your baby boy? Well, how about hopping over the pond and exploring some French elegance? Our list of 50 French baby boy names starting with V is packed with charm and sophistication, just waiting to be discovered!

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with V

From talented actors like Vincent Cassel to visionary authors such as Victor Hugo, many remarkable figures have graced these names. Even the enchanting world of sports boasts stars like Vincent Clerc, the former French rugby union player. These names not only come with a touch of French allure but also a legacy of extraordinary individuals!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ValentinValentine, ValentinusStrength, health
2. VincentVincenzo, VincentiusConquering
3. VictorViktor, VittorioWinner, conqueror
4. VidalVidel, VitaLife
5. VivienVivian, VivianoAlive
6. VerneVern, VernonAlder tree
7. VerrillVerrell, VerrilHonest
8. VachelVachell, VashelSmall cow
9. VoltaireVoltair, VoltareStealing back
10. VergeVerges, VergerFamily protector
11. VaheVahey, VaheeStrong
12. VardonVardan, VardunHillside area
13. VionnetVionnete, VyonnetVineyard
14. VivantVivan, VivanteLiving
15. VardonVardan, VardenFrom the green hill
16. VasyaVasia, VasiRoyal
17. VienneVien, ViennayFrom Vienna
18. VesperVespero, VesparEvening star
19. VenturiVentura, VenturGood fortune
20. ValeryValeriy, ValerianStrength, health
21. VadimVadin, VadonRuling
22. VolneyVolny, VolnaPeople’s spirit
23. VerrierVerrie, VerriGlassmaker
24. VireoVirea, ViroGreen bird
25. VevineVevina, VevinSweet lady
26. VelouetteVelouet, VelouettaLittle speedy one
27. ValloisValloi, ValloWelshman
28. VoletVole, VoleyFlying
29. VardenVardan, VardenFrom the green hill
30. VerlainVerlaine, VerlanArmor
31. VieuxVieu, VeuxOld
32. VaillantVaillen, VaillValiant
33. VenantVenante, VenantoComing
34. VardonVardan, VardenFrom the green hill
35. VynceVync, VynciConqueror
36. ValourValoure, ValurCourageous
37. VoshellVoshal, VoshelFox
38. VianViane, VienAlive
39. VolkerVolk, VolkarPeople’s defender
40. VitouxVitou, VitoueLife
41. VolkanVolkane, VolkinVolcano
42. VetoVetoa, VetonIntelligent
43. VipponVipon, VipunHorse
44. VitusVito, VitonLife
45. VardonVardan, VardenFrom the green hill
46. VianneyViane, ViannyAlive
47. VoshkieVoshky, VoshkaFox
48. VencelVencele, VenclMore glory
49. VihoViha, VihoeChief
50. VitasVita, ViteLife

Thank you for letting us join you on your exciting journey of finding the perfect baby name! We hope our list of ’50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with V’ has sparked inspiration and curiosity. For more intriguing and unique baby name ideas, do explore other lists on our site. Remember, each name carries its own magic and story. Happy naming, moms!

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