50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with Z for a Touch of Elegance

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Kickstart your baby name journey with a splash of French sophistication. From Zacharie to Zephyrin, we’ve curated a list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with Z that promises to add a distinctive charm to your little one’s identity.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

Beneath this banner, you’ll find names like Zinedine Zidane, a famed soccer player, and Zacharie Astruc, a renowned artist and writer. These names not only hold a special place in French culture but have also made their mark internationally, leaving a lasting impression on our US audience.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZacharieZackary, ZacaryRemembered by God
ZephireZephyr, ZephirWest Wind
ZephyrinZephyrine, ZephyrWest Wind
ZachariahZechariah, ZachYahweh remembers
ZadigZadigue, ZadikRighteous
ZaireZyair, ZyaireRiver
ZamirZameer, ZamyreSongbird
ZavierXavier, XavieNew House
ZenoZenon, ZennonGift of Zeus
ZoticusZotikus, ZoticosLife
ZephyrosZefiros, ZephyroWest Wind
ZenophileZenophilusLover of Zeus
ZabulonZebulun, ZabulunExhalted, to honor
ZadocZaddik, ZadokRighteous
ZaredZaredh, ZareedAmbush
ZccariaZackariah, ZacGod remembers
ZebedeeZebadie, ZebMy gift
ZoticZotique, ZotiqVigorous life
ZephaniahZeph, ZephanYahweh has hidden
ZoticasZotica, ZotikasFull of life
ZekeEzekiel, EzekeGod strengthens
ZigmundZiggy, ZigmundusVictorious protector
ZlatanZlattan, ZlataneGolden
ZoltanZolten, ZoltinSultan, Ruler
ZuhairZoheirLittle Flower
ZurielZurel, ZuryelRock of God
ZephyrusZephyrion, ZephyGod of the West Wind
ZosimoZosimus, ZosimLikely to survive
ZephirusZephir, ZephiroWest Wind
ZaleZayle, ZailSea strength
ZacharaeZachary, ZackGod has remembered
ZeledonZeleden, ZeledoniusZealot of God
ZennorZenn, ZennorusSaint’s place
ZephonZefon, ZebhonHe has looked
ZimriZimeri, ZimreeMy praise, my music
ZefirynZephyrin, ZeferinWest Wind
ZorionZorrion, ZorriHappy
ZarekZareck, ZereckMay God protect the king
ZephirinZefirin, ZephirWest Wind
ZoiloZoil, ZoiloLife
ZubairZobair, ZubeirPure
ZadorninZadorn, ZadoninBattle
ZavionZaveon, ZavonNew house
ZenaisZenius, ZeneisGiven life by Zeus
ZorobabelZerubbabel, ZerubSeed of Babylon
ZuzimZuzimus, ZuzimosSweet, moving abundantly
ZeruZeruiah, ZerouRock

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with Z. We hope you’ve found the name that resonates with your baby’s unique personality. Continue your naming journey with us and discover more name lists filled with inspiration on our site. Here’s to finding the perfect name that your baby will carry with pride!

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