50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with U: Underlying Meanings Explored

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Choosing your baby girl’s name is as exciting as it is important. We’ve curated a list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with U to add a dash of Parisian charm to this special journey!

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with U

One of the names that stand out is ‘Ursule’. Ursule Mirouet, a character from a namesake novel by Honore de Balzac, brings to life the elegance of France’s literary culture. Another notable name is ‘Ulysse’, with the American journalist and author Ulysse Gosset carrying forward this unique moniker.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. UrsuleOrsola, Ursula“Little female bear”
2. UlyanaUliana, Juliana“Youthful”
3. UlyssiaUlyssa, Ulysses“Wanderer”
4. UniceEunice, Unise“Victorious woman”
5. UrielleUriell, Uriella“God is my light”
6. UlalieEulalie, Eulalia“Sweet-speaking”
7. UrbaineUrbana, Urbane“From the city”
8. UriaUria, Urya“My light is Jehovah”
9. UrsaUrsilla, Orsa“Little Bear”
10. UlienneJulianne, Ulyanne“Youthful”
11. UmaUmma, Ume“Brightness, splendor”
12. UmayUmayma, Umeya“Hopes, desires”
13. UpasanaUpasna, Upasnaa“Worship”
14. UnniUnnie, Unnes“Modest”
15. UshaUshah, Ushu“Morning, dawn”
16. UshmaUshmah, Ushmia“Heat, warmth”
17. UsraUsrah, Usera“Dawn”
18. UschiUrschi, Uschka“Little female bear”
19. UttaraUttar, Utara“Superior”
20. UrvashiUrvasi, Urvashie“A celestial maiden”
21. UnesaUnisah, Unis“Love”
22. UshaiaUshia, Ushyaia“God-conscious”
23. UlimaUlema, Ulma“Wise”
24. UqbaUqbaa, Uqbah“End, extremity”
25. UritUritte, Uritta“Light”
26. UlgenUlgena, Ulgenia“Blessed”
27. UmayrUmayra, Umayri“Long-lived”
28. UmmUmma, Umme“Mother”
29. UmariaUmari, Umara“Prosperous”
30. UmayrahUmayrah, Umayre“Prosperity”
31. UzmaUzmaa, Uzmat“Greatest”
32. UzzyUzzi, Uzziyah“God’s strength”
33. UbaUbaa, Ubah“Elderly lady”
34. UmmiUmmie, Umi“My mother”
35. UchennaUchen, Uchene“God’s thought”
36. UmaynaUmaynah, Umaynaa“Soft, gentle”
37. UmayamUmayami, Umayamu“Victory”
38. UlaUlah, Ulahh“Precious”
39. UlyaUlyah, Uliya“Uppermost, highest”
40. UmmayadUmmayada, Ummayado“Guided to the right path”
41. UwaisUwaise, Uwaisey“Gifted”
42. UlfahUlfaha, Ulefa“Friendship, harmony”
43. UzziaUzziah, Uzzie“God is my strength”
44. UmayyahUmayah, Umayyia“Servant of God”
45. UlaaUla, Ulla“High rank, prestige”
46. UzzaUzzah, Uzzia“Strong”
47. UmmayaniUmayani, Umeyani“My nation”
48. UdeliaUdeliah, Udeliya“I will praise God”
49. UmmulUmmula, Ummulu“Mother of sons”
50. UchechiUchechie, Uchechey“God’s will”

And that’s a wrap on our list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with U. We hope you’ve found some amazing names and plenty of inspiration for your little one’s moniker. Remember, the best name for your baby is one that resonates with you. Keep exploring our site for more unique and intriguing baby name ideas. Thanks for joining us on this beautiful journey!

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