50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with U: A Fascinating Guide for New Moms

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Choosing a name for your bundle-of-joy is no small feat. Thankfully, our list of “50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with U” is here to guide you through this exciting journey. Get ready to add a pinch of élan to your baby’s identity!

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with U

Ulysse Nardin, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, exuded timeless elegance akin to these French baby boy names starting with U. A name like Ulysse could infuse a compelling blend of sophistication and cultural richness into your baby’s identity.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UgoHugo, Ugone“Heart, Mind, Spirit”
UlricUlrick, Ulrik“Prosperity and Power”
UrienUryan, Uryen“Privileged Birth”
UlysseUlysses, Ulisse“Wrathful”
UrbainUrban, Urbano“From the City”
UsherUssher, Asher“Doorkeeper”
UweUvo, Uwo“Universal Ruler”
UmbertoUmbert, Umbarte“Bright or Shining”
UptonUptun, Upten“Higher Town”
UrialUriale, Uryal“God’s Light”
UptonUptun, Upten“Higher Town”
UstinUstun, Ustyn“Exalted”
UbertoUbarte, Uberti“Bright Mind”
UdaleUdaley, Udayle“Valley with Yew Trees”
UlandUlande, Ulan“Country”
UlmarUlmer, Ulmaro“Famous Wolf”
UlvanUlvane, Ulvon“Friend of the Wolves”
UlbertUlbarte, Ulbart“Noble”
UralUrale, Urall“Beyond the Horizon”
UbelUbale, Ubol“Evil”
UdoUda, Udu“Prosperous”
UlisesUlyses, Ulyssis“The Wanderer”
UzziahUzzien, Uzziya“Strength of God”
UbanUbane, Ubon“City Dweller”
UzielUzyel, Uzyall“God is my Strength”
UmedUmad, Umod“Hope”
UzairUzaire, Uzayr“Helper, Strength”
UriUrii, Urie“My Flame, My Light”
UyangaUyango, Uyangue“Melody”
UzzielUzziele, Uzzyel“God is my Strength”
UrvilUrvile, Urvyl“Ocean”
UdayanUdayane, Udayn“Rising Sun”
UttamUttame, Uttamme“The Best”
UlaganUlagane, Ulagin“Worldly”
UdeepUdeepe, Udeap“Flood”
UylessUylesse, Uyles“Wanderer”
UpalUpale, Uppal“Sapphire”
UtalUtale, Utole“Useful”
UshakUshake, Ushok“Dawn”
UdvanshUdvanshe, Udvans“Of Noble Descent”
UrdhavUrdhave, Urdhov“Lord Vishnu”
UbayUbaye, Ubai“The Best”
UtpalUtpale, Utpall“Water Lily, Blossoming”
UtkarshUtkarshe, Utkarssh“Excellence, Prosperity”
UdaysahUdaysahe, Udaysahh“Sunrise”
UtsavUtsave, Utsavv“Celebration”
UddhavUddhave, Uddhov“A festival, One who is generous”
UdayvirUdayvire, Udayvyr“Rising Sun, Brave”
UpanayUpanaye, Upanai“Leader”
UdantUdante, Udantt“Correct Message”

Thank you for perusing our thoughtfully curated list of “50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with U”. We hope it sparked inspiration and made your naming journey a touch more joyful. Don’t hesitate to explore other lists on our site, with countless more baby name ideas waiting to be discovered by you. Happy naming!

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