50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with T to Treasure for Your Newborn

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Bonjour, future maman! There’s nothing more exciting than picking the perfect name for your little one. If you’re drawn to French elegance and want a name starting with T, you’re in for a treat with our list.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with T

Famous figures have been graced with these captivating French names starting with T. Names such as ‘Théo’, like the French filmmaker Théo Angelopoulos, and ‘Tristan’, like the acclaimed novelist Tristan Bernard, have left an indelible mark. Their accomplishments could provide just the inspiration you need for naming your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ThéoTheo, TheobaldGod-given
TristanTristin, TristonSad
ThomasTom, ThomTwin
ThierryTerry, TerriRuler of the people
TanguyTangi, TanguieFighter
TiboTibot, TibaultBold
TimothéeTimothy, TimotheyHonoring God
ToussaintTousant, TosaintAll Saints
TitouanLittle fire
ThibaultTibold, TybaltBold
TérenceTerence, TerrenceGentle, Gracious
TadzioTaddeo, TadeoGift
TiméoTimmeo, TymeoGod’s honor
TomyTommy, TomiTwin
ThéophileTeophile, TheophilosFriend of God
TilionTillon, TylionFrom the earth
TyvianTyvianne, TivianGod’s gracious gift
ThaneThayne, ThaineFollower
TelfordTelfer, TelforIron cutter
TavisTavish, TavissonTwin
TaranTarin, TaronThunder
TyreeTyri, TyrieIsland dweller
TravonTravin, TravoneFair town
TassiloTasil, TassillusHarvest
TertiusTertious, TertiosThird
TaranisTarani, TaranusThunder
TyreseTyris, TyricEnthusiastic
TildenTildon, TildinFertile valley
TalfrynTalfrian, TalfrynnFrom the high hill
TecumsehTecum, TecumseyShooting star
TalfordTalfourd, TalforTall ford
TalentTalant, TalenteGod’s gift
TarragonTarragan, TaragonAromatic herb
TaliesinTaliesen, TalyesinShining brow
TremainTremayne, TremainnFrom the big town
TorranceTorrens, TorranceeFrom the knolls
TaranvirTaranver, TaranvorBrave as thunder
TorindTorindt, TorandFrom the hills
TorquilTorquille, TorquilnThor’s helmet
ToumaToumah, ToumasTwin
TarekTarik, TareekMorning star
TaurinTauren, TauronLike a bull
TavionTavon, TavionnMisfortune
TelfordTelfer, TelforWorks in iron
ThackerayThackery, ThackarayForest of the woodcutter
ThibautThibot, ThibaudBrave
TacitusTacytus, TacitSilent
TertullianTertullien, TertullianusFrom the tribe Tertullii
TurenneTuren, TureneFrom the tower
TroilusTroil, TroiloTrojan prince
TaylanTaylon, TaylenTailor
TavinTavon, TavinnRoyal staff
ThymeThym, ThymeleeThyme herb

Et voilà! That’s our list of 50 French baby boy names starting with T. We hope it sparked ideas and made your naming journey a tad bit easier. Thanks for letting us be a part of this extraordinary time in your life. For more naming inspiration, explore other curated name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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