50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with T for Stylish Moms-to-be

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Bonjour, Mamas! Thinking of naming your little girl something chic and unique? Then, you’re in the perfect place! We’ve handpicked 50 French baby girl names starting with T, each brimming with elegance and charm just like your future bébé.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Did you know Thérèse Tanguay Dion, famously known as Maman Dion, was a renowned television personality and philanthropist in Quebec? Or that Thérèse of Lisieux is a beloved French Catholic saint known for her immense faith? And let’s not forget the talented French actress, Thérèse Liotard! These women with baby girl names starting with T have left inspiring legacies that your little one could proudly share.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ThérèseTeresa, TheresaHarvester
2. ThaisThaïsPraised or praiseworthy
3. TatienneTatiana, TatiFairy Queen
4. ThalieThalia, TaliaTo blossom
5. ToinetteAntoinette, ToniBeyond praise
6. TéaThea, TiaGoddess, Godly
7. TildeMathilde, MatildaBattle-mighty
8. TiphaineTiffany, TiphanieManifestation of God
9. TimothéeTimothea, TimoHonoring God
10. TamaraTammy, MaraDate Palm Tree
11. TessaTess, TressaHarvester
12. ThéaThea, TeiaGoddess
13. ThelmaSelma, VelmaWill, volition
14. ThibaultTibault, TybaltBold people
15. ToscaToscane, ToskaFrom Tuscany
16. TildeMathilde, HildaBattle
17. TranquilleTranquila, TranquilPeaceful
18. TaïsTaisia, TasiaBandage
19. TrinitéTrinity, TriniteeThreefold
20. TéophileTheophilus, TheophilaFriend of God
21. ToinonToinon, AntoniaBeyond praise
22. Thérèse-MarieTherese, Thérèse, Marie, MaryHarvester, sea of bitterness
23. ThéodoraTheodora, DoroDivine gift
24. TrianonTrianne, TrinaNew land
25. ThéolineTheoline, TheolindaDivine
26. ThéobaldineTheobaldina, BaldinaBrave people
27. Théa-MarieThea, Theia, Marie, MaryGoddess, sea of bitterness
28. ThècleThecla, TeklaGlory of God
29. ThéodosieTheodosia, DosiaGiven by God
30. ThéoxaneTheoxena, OxanaForeigner, stranger
31. TézéaTezea, TezGod beholds
32. ToscaneTosca, ToskaRefers to Tuscany
33. ThéodolineTheodelinda, OdelinePeople of God
34. ThéophanieTheophania, FannyGod manifestation
35. ThéonieTheonia, OnieGodly
36. TréphineTrephina, PhinaTrès fine (very fine)
37. TyphaineTyphaine, TyphenaManifestation of God
38. TulliaTullia, TullyTranquil
39. TouriaTuria, ToriaGazing upon God
40. ToscaneTosca, ToskaFrom Tuscany
41. ThildeMathilde, HildaBattle
42. ThéoniseTheonisa, OnisaGodly
43. ThéotimeTheotime, TimoHonoring God
44. TourmalineTurmalin, MalinGemstone name
45. Théodora-MarieTheodora, Thea, Marie, MaryDivine gift, sea of bitterness
46. ThéophilaTheophila, PhilaLoving God
47. Toscane-MarieToscane, Tosca, Marie, MaryFrom Tuscany, sea of bitterness
48. TiphennTiphenn, FennBeautiful
49. Trinité-MarieTrinité, Trinity, Marie, MaryThreefold, sea of bitterness
50. Théodora-MadeleineTheodora, Doro, Madeleine, MadelineDivine gift, woman of Magdala

And there you have it! 50 French baby girl names starting with T that are just as unique and wonderful as your little princess will be. Thanks for letting us be a part of your name-choosing journey. Don’t forget to check out our other lists for more naming inspiration. With our extensive range of baby name ideas, we’ve got you covered for every letter of the alphabet. Joyeux naming, Mamas!

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