50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with S: Transcending Borders with Names

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Bonjour, maman! The journey to motherhood is full of exciting decisions, including naming your little mademoiselle. This list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with S will ignite your imagination while bringing a touch of French elegance to your baby’s identity. Ready to embark on this special voyage? Allez-y!

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Dive into the world of notable individuals with French baby girl names starting with S. For instance, Sophie Marceau, the talented French actress known for her roles in both European and American cinema. Or consider Sylvie Vartan, the influential French pop singer who won America’s heart in the 60s. These names not only offer a unique identity but also connect your baby girl to legendary women who have left indelible marks on international culture.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SabineSabina, SabrinWoman from Sabines
SalomeSalomé, SalomaPeace
SandrineSandrina, SandraDefender of mankind
SerafinaSéraphine, SeraphineFiery ones
SeraphieSerafi, SerafiaFiery ones
SidonieSydonie, SidoniaFrom Sidon
SibyllaSibyl, SibyllineProphetess, Oracle
SophieSophia, SofiaWisdom
SuzetteSusan, SueLily
SylvieSylvia, SilviaFrom the forest
SimoneSimonette, SimonneHeard
SolangeSolene, SolainaSolemn, dignified
SolineSolina, SolinSunlight
SorayaSuraya, SarayaThe Pleiades
StellaStellie, EstelleStar
StephaneStephanie, StefaniCrowned in victory
SeverineSévérine, SeverinaStern
ShantelleChantal, ShantiStone
SachaSasha, SashkaDefender of mankind
SalomeaSalma, SalimaPeace
SamaraSamaria, SamarahGuarded by God
SanciaSancha, SanziaHoly
SandraSandrina, SandeDefender of mankind
SaritaSarina, SarinPrincess
SeleneSelena, SelinaMoon
SelinaSelena, CelinaHeavenly
SereneSeren, SerenaSerene, calm
SevdaSevdi, SevdyLove
SibylleSybilla, CybeleProphetess
SilvieSilvia, SilviFrom the forest
SimoneeSimon, SimeoneGod has heard
SirenaSerena, SireneEnchanter
SofiaSofie, SophieWisdom
SoledadSolita, SolaSolitude
SolenneSolene, SolanaSolemn, dignified
SolinaSoline, SolanaSunlight
SoniaSonya, SonjaWisdom
SorrelSorrell, SorelReddish brown
SosannaSusanna, SusanLily
StaciaStacie, StacyResurrection
SuelitaSue, SueloLittle lily
SusetteSusan, SuzyLily
SusanneSuzanne, SusanLily
SylvaSylvia, SylvaFrom the forest
SylvineSylvina, SylvieForest
SymoneSimone, SimonaHeard
SybilleSibylle, SybilleProphetess
SyrillaCyrilla, SirellaLadylike
SynthiaCynthia, CynthaFrom Mount Kynthos

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with S! Remember, each name comes with its own unique charm and elegance, just like your little one. We hope you’ve found some inspiration! For more baby name ideas, don’t hesitate to explore other lists on our site. Joyeux nommage!

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