50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with S for Your Little Monsieur

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Bonjour, future mommies! We’ve curated a delightful list of ’50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with S’, just for you. Here, you’ll find charming, sophisticated names to consider for your little one!

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with S

For instance, we have the suave French actor Serge Gainsbourg, revered for his profound musical influence that transcended borders. There’s also Stéphane Bern, a renowned television presenter and historian, noted for his charismatic persona and passionate storytelling.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SergeSergio, SergiusServant
2. SebastienSebastian, BastienVenerable, revered
3. StéphaneStephan, StefanCrown, garland
4. SylvainSylvan, SilvanoOf the forest
5. SachaSasha, SasaDefending men
6. SamuelSam, SammyGod has heard
7. SalomonSolomon, SolPeace
8. ScottScot, ScottoFrom Scotland
9. SimeonSimon, SimionHe who listens
10. SteveSteven, StevieCrown, garland
11. StanislasStan, StoshGlory of the camp
12. SorenSøren, SerrenStern
13. SinclairSinclaire, SinclareClear, bright
14. SidonieSid, SidonyFrom Sidon
15. SolSaul, SolonPeace
16. SullySulleigh, SulliSouth meadow
17. SorrelSorrell, SorelReddish brown
18. SummersSommer, SommersBorn in the summer
19. SibylSybil, CybilProphetess, seer
20. ShepardShep, ShepherdSheep herder
21. StephensSteven, StefenCrown, garland
22. SadlerSadlier, SadelarSaddle maker
23. SabinSabyn, SabienSabine man
24. SandorSander, XandorDefender of men
25. StuartStu, StueySteward
26. SpenceSpencer, SpenserDispenser of provisions
27. SeverinSeverino, SeverusStern
28. SolangeSol, SolanReligious solitude
29. SkySkye, SkiSky
30. ShamusSeamus, ShamesSupplanter
31. SargentSergeant, SargeServant
32. SinclairSinclare, SinklerBright clear
33. SilvanSylvan, SilvainOf the forest
34. SteshaunSteshawn, SteashaunGod is gracious
35. SuttonSuton, SuttanSouthern settlement
36. SullivanSulli, SullieDark-eyed
37. SheldonSheldan, SheldenSteep-sided valley
38. SydneySid, SydWide meadow
39. SpencerSpence, SpenserHouse steward
40. SergeiSergey, SergeServant
41. SabienSabin, SabienSabine man
42. SidSidonie, SydneyFrom Sidon / Wide meadow
43. StarkStarke, StarckStrong, vigorous
44. SergejSerge, SergeyServant
45. SearlSearle, SearllArmor
46. SibertSeibert, SybertBright sea
47. SymonSimon, SimeonHe who listens
48. SatchelSachel, SatchellBag, sack
49. SayerSayers, SayreWood-worker
50. SonnySunny, SonnieOur son

And there you have it – our enchanting list of ’50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with S’. We hope you’ve found some inspirations for your baby name hunt! Thanks for exploring with us. For more fantastic baby name ideas, don’t forget to check out our other collections on the site. Happy naming!

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