50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with R: Chic Choices for Your Little One

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Hey mamma-to-be, looking for the perfect name for your bundle of joy? Delve into our enchanting curation of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with R and find the flawless fit for your little heartbreaker.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with R

Among the notable personalities graced with French baby boy names starting with R, we’ve got renowned novelist and Nobel laureate Romain Rolland. Then there’s the versatile actor and director, Romain Duris, who is sure to infuse some inspiration for your baby’s moniker. And, let’s not forget the remarkable contributions of Robert Badinter, a French criminal law reformer.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RaphaëlRaffaello, Rafel, Ralph“God has healed”
RémyRemy, Remi, Remie“Oarsman” or “Remedy”
RenéRene, Renny, Renie“Reborn”
RobertRoberto, Rob, Bob“Bright Fame”
RolandRolland, Rolando, Lannie“Famous land”
RodolpheRudolph, Rudy, Dolph“Famous wolf”
RogerRodger, Rog, Hodge“Famous spear”
RonaldRonaldo, Ron, Ronnie“Counsel rule”
RichardRick, Richie, Dick“Brave Ruler”
RaymondRay, Raymie, Mundo“Protecting Hands”
RusselRuss, Rusty, Russi“Little red”
RudyardRudy, Yard“Red Enclosure”
ReynaudReynold, Rene“Counsel rule”
ReggieReginald, Reg“Counsel Power”
RaoulRaul, Rollo“Wolf counsel”
RoscoeRoss, Roe“Deer Forest”
RainierRenier, Rayner“Deciding Warrior”
RubenReuben, Rube, Ben“Behold, a son”
RomainRoman, Romie, Rome“Man from Rome”
RegisReggie, Rege“King”
RémiRemi, Remy“Oarsman”
RoderickRod, Ricky, Derek“Famous Power”
RupertRuperto, Rube, Bert“Bright Fame”
ReynardRenard, Rey, Rene“Strong Counselor”
ReubenRuben, Rube, Ben“Behold, a son”
RamseyRamsay, Ram, Say“Garlic Island”
RomulusRomolo, Rom, Rome“Man of Rome”
RadcliffRad, Cliff, Radcliffe“Red Cliff”
ReginaldReggie, Reg, Naldo“Counsel Power”
RolfRolfe, Rollo, Ralph“Wolf Counsel”
RedfordRed, Ford, Redd“Red ford”
RockefellerRock, Rockie, Feller“Restful Rock”
RicardRichard, Rick, Ric“Brave Ruler”
RodrigueRod, Rigo, Rodrigues“Famous Power”
ReynoldRey, Nold, Reynaud“Counsel Rule”
RamseyRamsay, Ramey, Ramie“Garlic Island”
RutherfordFord, Ruddy, Ruther“Cattle ford”
RoderiqueRod, Rique, Roderick“Famous Power”
RenardReynard, Ren, Nard“Strong Counselor”
RomaineRomain, Rome, Romie“Man from Rome”
RexfordRex, Ford, Red“King’s ford”
RadfordRad, Ford, Radferd“Red ford”
RenaudRen, Naud, Renaudin“Counsel Rule”
RussRussell, Russi, Russo“Little red”
RushfordRush, Ford, Rushkin“Rush ford”
ReignierRayner, Renier, Rainier“Deciding Warrior”
RiquierRic, Rique, Riquer“Rich, Powerful Ruler”
RuffordRuff, Ford, Ruffkin“Red ford”
RoulRaul, Rol, Rou“Wolf Counsel”
RoulstonRoul, Stan, Roulstone“Raul’s town”

And just like that, we’ve unraveled the charm and elegance of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with R. We hope you found this journey as exciting as we did while curating it for you. Thanks for reading, and remember, choosing your baby’s name is a magical experience, cherish every moment of it. For more unique and delightful baby name inspirations, check out our other lists. Happy naming!

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