50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with R for the Chic, Modern Mom

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Hey mama-to-be, feeling the thrill of your upcoming bundle of joy? As you traverse this magical journey, have you considered infusing a dash of French charm in your baby’s name? Let’s explore 50 French baby girl names starting with R that are sure to leave you inspired.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Did you know that ‘Renee’, a French name starting with R, has been graced by our beloved actress Renée Zellweger? Or that ‘Roxane’, another captivating option, is the name of the accomplished French actress, Roxane Mesquida? It’s exciting to see how these names carry an air of sophistication and charm, isn’t it?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RenéeRene, ReneaReborn
RachelleRochelle, RaechelEwe
RaissaRaisa, RaesaEasy-going
RaphaelleRaphaële, RafaellaGod has healed
RejaneRéjane, RejaineQueen
ReneeRene, RenaeReborn
RivaReeva, ReeveRiverbank
RobineRobinne, RobyneBright fame
RodelleRodella, RodelaRenowned one
RomaneRomani, RomanyOf Rome
RosalineRosalyn, RozalinePretty rose
RosetteRosetta, RozetteLittle rose
RoxaneRoxanne, RoxanaBright star
RubieRubee, RubyRed gemstone
RadelleRadell, RadellaAdvising ruler
RaeleneRaeleen, RaelinaCombination of Rae and Eileen
RaimondeRaimunda, RaimondinaWise protector
RalliaRalia, RalliShepherdess
RametteRametta, RamettRambunctious
RaphaëllaRaphaella, RafaellaGod has healed
RaouliaRaoulya, RauliaWolf counsel
RaphaëllaRafaella, RaphiellaGod has healed
ReginiaRegina, ReginnaQueen
ReinetteRainette, ReanetteDiminutive of queen
RejaneRejain, RajaneBorn again
RenardeRenard, RenardiaFox
Renée-MarieRenee-Maria, Rene-MarieCombination of Reborn and Bitter
RiborgRiborgh, RiburgBeautiful
RiqueRicke, RikkiRich
RiveReeve, RieveRiver
RolandeRolanda, RolandeFamous land
RomildeRomilda, RomildGlorious battle
RosangeRosangela, RosangiaRose angel
RoselynRosalyn, Rose-lynBeautiful rose
RuffineRufine, RoffineRed
RuothRooth, RuthFriend
RachildeRachilda, RachillBattle counsel
RaphaëlieRaphaelli, RaphaelyGod has healed
RégineRegine, RegeenQueen
RéjaneRejane, RayjaneQueen
RenelleRenell, RennellSmall born again
RicheReech, RheechPowerful ruler
RobertineRobertina, RobertinBright fame
RomaineRomanie, RomaynCitizen of Rome
RosalindRosalinda, RosalindisBeautiful rose
RositaRoseta, RosettaLittle rose
RoxandraRoxandria, RoxanderaBright star
RuzenaRuzenka, RuzenRose

Thank you, dear reader, for embarking on this journey to explore 50 French baby girl names starting with R. Remember, choosing your baby’s name is a beautiful process, filled with love and excitement. Still seeking inspiration? We’ve got other baby name idea lists waiting for you on our site. Happy name hunting!

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