50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with O: Let your Baby’s Name tell a Story

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Embark on a delightful adventure with us as we explore 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with O. These charming names, steeped in history and elegance, are perfect to make your little princess stand out.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with O

Did you know famous novelist, Octavia E. Butler, shares her ‘O’ starting French name with many? Or that Odette Annable, the renowned actress, lends her charming French name to the list too? These names have graced the pages of literature and screens of Hollywood, resonating with grace, power, and class.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. OdetteOdeta, Odete, OdettaWealth, fortunate
2. OdileOdila, Odilia, OdilieWealthy, fortunate
3. OphelieOfelia, Ophelia, OpheliaeHelp
4. OlivieOlivia, Olive, OlivetOlive Tree
5. OctavieOctavia, Octaviana, OctavianeEighth
6. OdianeOdianna, Odianne, OdianneWealthy
7. OraneOrana, Oranna, OranRising
8. OlympeOlympia, Olympiana, OlympieHeavenly, from Olympus
9. OrsolaOrsolina, Orsol, OrsolinaBear
10. OdeleOdelette, Odelina, OdelindaLittle Song
11. OrianeOrianne, Orianna, OriaSunrise
12. OrnellaOrnelle, OrnelleFlowering ash tree
13. OceaneOcean, Oceanne, OceaniaOcean
14. OndineUndine, Ondina, OndyneLittle wave
15. OrleneOrlen, Orlena, OrleneGold
16. OttilieOttilia, Ottiliana, OttilianeProsperous in battle
17. OmbelineOmbelin, Ombelina, OmbelinaeShadow + light
18. OdessaOdesa, Odezza, OdezaLong journey
19. OvidiaOvidiana, Ovidiane, OvidienneShepherd
20. OphiraOfira, Ophirae, OphirahGold
21. OrabelleOrabella, Orabele, OrabellBeautiful seacoast
22. OctaviaOctaviana, Octavie, OctavianeEighth
23. OpalineOpalina, Opal, OpalynJewel
24. OreaOreah, Orya, OreaeMountain
25. OutiOutie, OutyWealth, fortune
26. OzanneOzzane, Ozzanne, OzanGod’s grace
27. OkelaniOkelan, Okelana, OkelaneFrom heaven
28. OrphaOrphia, Orphie, OrpheaLand of dust
29. OriellaOriela, Oriel, OriellGold
30. OpalinaOpaline, Opal, OpalyneJewel
31. OrsaOrsola, Orsula, OrsulineLittle female bear
32. OraciaOracya, Orasya, OraciaeGolden
33. ObeleObel, Obela, ObeleePillar
34. OdelinaOdelin, Odelinda, OdelindLittle wealthy one
35. OlindaOlynda, Olynde, OlindProtector of property
36. OllaOllia, Olly, OlliaAncestor’s relic
37. OrlaOrlagh, Orlaith, OrlayGolden princess
38. OnieOni, Onie, OneyGod is gracious
39. OrlinaOrlena, Orlene, OrlinGold
40. ObeliaObelie, Obelina, ObelinePillar of strength
41. OnyxOnix, Onixx, OnyxiaBlack gemstone
42. OleisaOleise, Oleisah, OleisaeDefender of mankind
43. OsannaOzzana, Osannah, OsannaePraise
44. OreliaOrelie, Orelina, OrelindGold
45. OrabelOrable, Orabell, OrabellaBeautiful seacoast
46. OksanaOksanah, Oksanae, OksanahPraise be to God
47. OvidiaOvidie, Ovidiana, OvidianeShepherd
48. OndreaOndreana, Ondreane, OndreahCourageous
49. OrvaOrvah, Orvae, OrvahGolden
50. OdelleOdella, Odelie, OdellLittle wealthy one

Thanks for journeying with us through these 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with O. Choosing a name is an exciting part of your pregnancy journey. We hope our list inspired you and helped bring you one step closer to finding that perfect name. Be sure to check out our other baby name idea lists on our site for more inspiration, and remember, your choice will be perfect, just like your little one.

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