50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with P: Enchanting Names for Your Joy

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Bonjour Mamas! Are you searching far and wide for that perfect name to adorn your little princess? Let’s take a little trip to France with these 50 French baby girl names starting with P.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with P

Numerous personalities have bloomed from these names, like the legendary French actress Paulette Goddard, and renowned French film director and screenwriter, Pascale Ferran. These women have carved their niches in their respective fields, all while bearing names that start with P, as charming as they are.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PaulePaola, Paula, PaulineSmall
2. PiaPie, Piah, PiyahPious
3. PerlePearl, Perla, PerlinePearl
4. PrunePrunelle, PrunaPlum
5. PascalePascaline, PascalEaster
6. PierrettePiera, PierRock
7. PlacidePlacidia, PlacyCalm, Peaceful
8. ParfaitePerfecta, PerfettaPerfect
9. PénélopePenelope, PenelopaWeaver
10. PhilomènePhilomena, FilomenaFriend of strength
11. PrudencePrudy, PrueCautious, Intelligent
12. PerrinePerin, PerinaRock
13. PatricePatricia, PatriziaNoblewoman
14. PallasPallace, PallassWisdom
15. PégasePegasa, PegaseaWinged Horse
16. PétronillePetronella, PetronilaRock
17. PierrinePierina, PierretteRock
18. PlaisancePlaissance, PlacentiaPleasant
19. PommePommeline, PomaApple
20. PrimevèrePrimrose, PrimaveraSpring flower
21. PriscaPriscilla, PriskaAncient, Primitive
22. PâquerettePakeretta, PâqueretDaisy
23. PalmyrePalmira, PalmirePalm Tree
24. PapillonPapillona, PapilonaButterfly
25. ParèdreParedra, ParedriaHelper, Assistant
26. ParménieParmenia, ParmenieaThe one from Parma
27. PascolinePascalina, PascualinaEaster-related
28. PascasiePascasia, PascasiaTo jump
29. PatroclePatrocla, PatrocliaFather’s glory
30. PéguyPegui, PegiePearl
31. PélagiePelagia, PelagiaOf the sea
32. PeninaPeninia, PeninjaPearl
33. PenséePenzie, PenzieaThought, Pansy flower
34. PervenchePervencha, PervenchiaPeriwinkle
35. PétulaPetula, PetuliaSeeking, Desiring
36. PiafPiafa, PiaffaSparrow
37. PiamaPiame, PiamaaSweetness
38. PimprenellePimprenella, PimprenelliaSmall, Delicate
39. PinabellPinabella, PinabelliaPine tree
40. PluvianePluviana, PluvianeaRain
41. PolkaPolkaa, PolskaDance
42. PolyxènePolyxena, PolyxenaHospitable
43. PommelinePomelina, PomelineaApple
44. PoninePonina, PoniniaFilly
45. PoupéePoupee, PoupeaDoll
46. PréziosaPreziosa, PrezziosaPrecious
47. PrimaellePrimaella, PrimaelleaFirst
48. PrunellaPrunela, PrunelliaLittle plum
49. PupillaPupila, PupiliaPupil, Doll
50. PyrènePyrene, PyrenaFire

Thank you for joining us on this beautiful naming journey. We hope you’ve found a name or two that resonates with your heart among these 50 French baby girl names starting with P. Remember, your baby’s name is the first gift you’ll ever give her, make it special. For more inspiring baby name ideas, feel free to explore our other lists right here on our site. Happy naming!

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