50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with O: A Journey into French Culture

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Hello, fellow moms-to-be! Choosing a name for our little one is one big exciting adventure, isn’t it? And if you’re here, you’re curious about finding that unique spark with French boy names that start with O. Let’s dive in!

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Did you know some of the luminaries in history have had French boy names starting with O? Take Olivier Martinez, a renowned French film actor known for his roles in Hollywood movies. And then there’s Olivier Rousteing, a celebrated fashion designer who serves as the creative director of Balmain. These names carry a legacy, and your little one can too!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OlivierOliver, OlliverOlive tree
OdilonOdilonas, OdelonWealthy
OctavieOctavius, OctavioEighth
OcéaneOceane, OceanOcean
OrvilleOrvill, OrvileGolden city
OrsonOrsen, OrsunBear cub
OsmontOsmond, OsmundDivine protector
OsanneOzanne, OssaneGod’s grace
OresteOrestes, OrestaMountain dweller
OnfroiOnfroy, OnfroPeaceful warrior
OrianeOriana, OriaSunrise
OrielOriol, OrrielGolden
OthelloOthel, OtheleProsperous
OthonOtho, OthoaWealthy
OtisOtiss, OtysKeen of hearing
OudetteOudet, OudettaWealth
OutmanOutmann, UttmanSerpent
OvanOvann, OvanneGod is gracious
OzanneOzane, OzzanneFrom the house of God
OndineUndine, OndinaLittle wave
OrléanOrleana, OrléaneGolden
OrthenseOrthen, OrthenciaRisen one
OsmarOsmer, OsmarrGod’s glorious
OmblineOmbelina, OmbelinoGod’s protection
OnésimeOnesimus, OnesimUseful
OdeonOdean, OdeonaSong
OdeletteOdelet, OdeletaLittle song
OdalricOdalrick, OdalrikWealthy ruler
ObéronOberon, OberronNoble bear
OdebertOdeburt, OdeburtaWealthy and bright
OsméeOsmee, OsmiaGod’s protection
OursonUrson, UrrsonBear
OrlandoOrlanda, OrlandeFamous land
OrvalOrvall, OrvaleGolden town
OsvalOsvalle, OsvalloGod’s power
OzilOzzil, OzilaGod’s strength
OlivierieOlivieri, OlivierioOlive tree
OrlinOrlinn, OrlinoEagle
OvidOvida, OvideShepherd
OrgerOrgere, OrgeraSpear strength
OsierOseer, OsiereWillow
OlivieretteOlivirette, OliverettaLittle olive tree
OctaviOctavio, OctavieEighth
OctaveOctaval, OctavenEighth
OdilonneOdilonna, OdelonneWealthy
OrestineOrestina, OrestinoMountain dweller
OlivineOlivina, OlivinOlive tree
OdianeOdianna, OdiannoWealthy
OscarOscarr, OskarGod’s spear

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 French baby boy names starting with O. We hope you found a few favorites, or at least ignited a spark of inspiration. Don’t forget, we have plenty more baby name idea lists to explore – because choosing your baby’s name should be as joyous and unique as your little one is going to be.

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