50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with N: Get Inspired for Your Baby Boy

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Getting to name your newborn is one of the first and most delightful tasks of motherhood. However, it could be a bit daunting too! Now, imagine endowing your baby boy with a name that resonates the allure of France right from it’s first letter. Introducing our list of 50 charming French baby boy names starting with N.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Each of these names carries a story that’s been etched in the annals of history or popular culture. For instance, Nadar, a French pioneer in photography and aeronautics, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the former President of France. They make these names meaningful and memorable, giving them a timeless charm.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NabilNabeel, NabealNoble
2. NadalNadaleBorn on Christmas
3. NadeauNadau, NadaultGift
4. NaelNaël, NaèlGod’s Grace
5. NapoléonNapoleone, NapoleonNew City
6. NarcisseNarciso, NarcisusDaffodil
7. NasierNasir, NasserHelper
8. NatanielNathaniel, NatanieleGift of God
9. NazaireNazario, NazariusFrom Nazareth
10. NealNeil, NealeChampion
11. NedNeddy, NeddieWealthy Guardian
12. NeelNiel, NeilChampion
13. NeloNello, NeloCloud
14. NemoNémo, NêmôNo One
15. NeréeNireas, NireusSea Nymph
16. NestorNester, NéstorHomecoming
17. NeuvilleNevil, NevileNew Town
18. NevilleNevill, NevylleNew Town
19. NicasioNacacio, NicacioVictory People
20. NiceNicea, NicaVictorious
21. NicodèmeNicodem, NicodemoVictory of the People
22. NicolasNiccolò, NicolásVictory of the People
23. NoamNoam, NoémPleasantness
24. NoelNoël, NowelChristmas
25. NolanNolyn, NolonChampion
26. NorbertNorbirt, NorburtNorthern Brightness
27. NordNorde, NordonNorth
28. NormandNormant, NormendFrom the North
29. NortonNortan, NortenNorthern Town
30. NumaNumah, NummaGood
31. NuncioNuncyo, NunciusMessenger
32. NyleNile, NilesChampion
33. NyxNix, NixxNight
34. NizierNiziere, NizirBeekeeper
35. NjordNjorde, NjorrdFrom the North
36. NoëNoe, NoëRest
37. NollNolle, NolOlive Tree
38. NouelNouell, NoellChristmas
39. NuddNud, NuudMist
40. NuriNury, NooryLight
41. NuttNut, NutteNight
42. NyleNiles, NileChampion
43. NyomanNyoman, NyomaneYoungest
44. NyxNix, NixxNight
45. NaeleNaël, NaèlGod’s Grace
46. NemedNemedd, NemidPrivileged
47. NabilNabeel, NabealNoble
48. NuiNuy, NeyGreat
49. NadimNadime, NadeemFriend
50. NolaneNolene, NolanChampion

We hope our list of 50 French baby boy names starting with N has given you plenty of inspiration for your baby-naming journey. Remember, every name tells a story and your baby’s story is just beginning. Explore more baby name lists on our site for that perfect, heartfelt name that stands out. Thanks for reading and happy naming!

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