50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with N: A World of Beauty Awaits

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Choosing your baby’s name is a thrilling chapter in your journey to motherhood. Let’s explore the charm of the French language with 50 French baby girl names starting with N. These are unique, elegant, and are sure to add a little sparkle to your baby’s life.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with N

French baby girl names starting with N have been adorned by some remarkable figures. Notably, Nadine Gordimer, a Nobel laureate in literature, and Nathalie Baye, a praised French actress adored on both sides of the Atlantic.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NoelleNoëlle, NoelaChristmas
NadineNadina, NadyneHope
NellaNelle, NelShining Light
NicoletteNicoletta, NicolinaPeople’s victory
NanetteNannette, NannettaGrace
NatachaNatasha, NatashiaBorn on Christmas Day
NatalieNatalia, NataleighChristmas Day
NadeenNadeena, NadinHopeful
NinonNynon, NinonaGrace
NathalieNathalia, NatalyBirthday
NoemieNoémie, NoemiPleasant, beautiful
NolwennNolwen, NolwinHoly one from Royal lineage
NicolineNicolene, NicolinaPeople’s victory
NivineNivin, NivinaLittle saint
NouchkaNuschka, NouchaFavor, grace
NevaNeve, NevahSnow
NorineNorin, NorinaHonor
NormaNormah, NormanaRule, pattern
NoelaniNoe, NoelHeavenly mist
NerysNeris, NerissNoblewoman
NixieNixi, NixyWater sprite
NanonNannon, NanonaGrace
NancieNancy, NanciGrace
NeliaNeliah, NeliyahShining light
NellyNellie, NellShining light
NaylaNaylah, NailaWinner
NairaNairah, NairalBig eyes
NaevaNavea, NaeveBorn at night
NalyaNalyah, NalyiaBorn during full moon
NyreeNyri, NyriaMost beautiful
NayelisNayeli, NayelieI love you
NalanieNalania, NalaniCalm skies
NeryssaNerissa, NerissahSea nymph
NefertitiNefertari, NefertiBeautiful one has arrived
NauticaNauticah, NautikaFrom the sea
NaliniNalinie, NalineeLotus
NileNyle, NyllFrom the Nile
NoaNoah, NoiaMovement
NysaNysah, NyssaGoal, ambition
NaidaNaidah, NaidiaWater nymph
NebulaNebulah, NebullaMist, fog
NolaNolan, NolahFamous, noble
NevaehNeveah, NevayaHeaven
NiaNiah, NeaPurpose, bright
NylaNylah, NilaWinner
NaidaNaidah, NadaWater nymph
NixieNixi, NixyWater sprite

Thanks for joining us on a journey through these beloved and unique baby names. We hope that our list of “50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with N” has inspired you and set your imagination alight. Check out more of our baby name idea lists to continue exploring options for your little one. Happy name hunting!

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