50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with M: Embrace Chic European Charm

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Bonjour, future mommies! Are you searching for a name that’s as unique and precious as your little one? Let’s travel through the charming avenues of France with our list of 50 French baby girl names starting with M.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with M

One iconic figure that comes to mind is Madeleine Albright, the first woman to serve as U.S. Secretary of State. There’s also Margot Robbie, an accomplished actress whose name resonates with French allure. And let’s not forget Marguerite Duras, renowned French novelist, whose name epitomizes timeless elegance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MadeleineMadeline, MadelynHigh tower
2. MargotMargo, MargauxPearl
3. MoniqueMonika, MonicaAdvisor
4. MarineMarin, MarinaOf the sea
5. MarianneMaryanne, MariannaCombination of Mary and Anne
6. ManonMano, MannonBitter or wished-for child
7. MathildeMatilda, MattieMight, Strength
8. MarcellineMarcelina, MarcellaWarlike
9. MargueriteMargarita, MargaretPearl
10. MireilleMirella, MireyaTo admire
11. MyriamMiriam, MaryamDrop of sea
12. MélanieMelanie, MelainaDark, black
13. MorganeMorgan, MorgenSea circle
14. MaélysMaelyss, MaelisChief or prince
15. MélissaMelissa, MelisaHoney bee
16. MaxineMaxene, MaxinaThe greatest
17. MartheMartha, MartaLady
18. MarielleMariella, MarielaBitter or Sea of bitterness
19. MurielleMuriel, MurielaBright sea
20. MartineMartina, MartaWarlike
21. MirabelleMirabella, MiraWondrous beauty
22. MagalieMagali, MagaliePearl
23. MarcelleMarcella, MarcyWarlike
24. MaëvaMaeve, MaevaWelcome
25. MichèleMichelle, MichelaWho is like God
26. MaurineMaureen, MoreenDark skinned
27. MirellaMireille, MirelaTo admire
28. MarilouMarylou, MaryluCombination of Mary and Louise
29. MirelaMirella, MireilleTo admire
30. MyrtleMyrtille, MyrtisA plant name
31. MyrielleMirielle, MireilleTo admire
32. MadeleneMadelaine, MadelenaHigh tower
33. MarcellaMarcelle, MarcellinaWarlike
34. MarietteMarietta, MarietBitter
35. MagaliMagalie, MagalyPearl
36. MaximilienneMaximiliana, MaxineThe greatest
37. MaribelMariabella, MaribelleBitter
38. ManuelleManuel, ManuelaGod with us
39. MariseMarissa, MarisOf the sea
40. MyleneMyleen, MilenaDark, black
41. MaelisMaëlys, MaelissChief or prince
42. MarcelinaMarcellina, MarcelineWarlike
43. MarielMarielle, MarylBitter
44. MarlenaMarlaina, MarlenMagdalen
45. MarisaMarissa, MarisOf the sea
46. MirellaMirela, MireilleTo admire
47. MarielleMariella, MarylBitter
48. MarcellinaMarcelina, MarcellineWarlike
49. MarianneMaryanne, MariannaCombination of Mary and Anne
50. MirabellaMirabelle, MiraWondrous beauty

Cher future mommies, thank you for exploring this journey of names with us. We hope our list of 50 French baby girl names starting with M has inspired you. Remember, the joy of choosing a name is just the beginning. Continue your adventure by exploring more captivating baby name lists on our site. À bientôt!

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