50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with M: Explore Timeless Classics

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Brace yourself, momma, for a thrilling ride through 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with M. This exciting journey into the world of baby names will leave you inspired and eager to christen your little one with a moniker that’s as unique as he is.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with M

In the grand array of French names beginning with M, there are a few that stand out, thanks to the notable figures associated with them. Michel Platini, the renowned footballer, and Marcel Proust, the beloved author, are just a couple of examples. These names don’t just sound charming, they come with a legacy of fame and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MarcelMarchel, Marcelluswarlike
MarcMark, Marcuswarlike
MaximeMaximus, Maximthe greatest
MauriceMorris, Mauritzdark, Moorish
MatthieuMatthew, Mattgift of God
MartinMarten, Martinowarrior
MichelMichael, Michalwho is like God
MathisMathys, Matthisgift of God
MariusMario, Mariuszmale, masculine
ManfredMannfred, Manfredostrength, peace
MarceauMarcell, Marcellinowarlike
MelvinMelvyn, Melmill worker
MedericMederick, Medricprosperous ruler
MarlonMarlin, Marlondlittle falcon
MontagueMontagu, Montypointed hill
ManonManen, Mananwished-for child
MaelMayel, Maelanprince
MagnusMagnes, Magnumgreat
MaxenceMaxens, Maxenciothe greatest
MarquisMarcus, Marquisenobleman
MilanMilen, Milongracious
MathildeMatilde, Mathildamight, strength
MatheoMatheus, Mateogift of God
MerleMarle, Murlblackbird
MaceoMacey, Macegift of God
MaherMahir, Mahyrskilled
MaconMacons, Maconnmaker
MahieuMathieu, Matheugift of God
MalloryMallorie, Malleryunlucky
MaloMallo, Mallowdevotee of Saint Brendan
ManuelManoel, ManwelGod is with us
MarlonMarlone, Marlondlittle falcon
MelvilleMelvill, Melvilehillside mill
MerilMerill, Merrilbright sea
MervinMervyn, Mervensea hill
MicaelMicaell, Micaellewho is like God
MillardMillar, Milliardguardian of the mill
MoiseMoises, Moysesdrawn out of the water
MusaMosa, Moosadrawn out of the water
MyronMyran, Myrenfragrant anointing oil
MaconMacones, Maconnemaker
MarveMarven, Marvmiracle
MorisMaurice, Morricedark, Moorish
MatheoMathyeo, Matheyogift of God
MervinMervynn, Mervensea hill
MarmionMarmyon, Marmeonlittle one from the sea
MonetMonnet, Monnettone who is solitary

Thanks for joining us on this delightful journey through 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with M! We hope it has stirred your imagination and sparked some ideas for your little bundle of joy. Don’t forget to explore more of our curated baby name lists on our site. Here’s to finding the perfect name that your child will cherish for a lifetime!

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