50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with H: For Cute and Classy Choices

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Bonjour, future maman! Welcome to our delightful list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting With H, curated specially for your adorable little mademoiselle. Let’s take you on a journey of discovery to find the ideal name that exudes French elegance and charm.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with H

You’d be in illustrious company selecting from these names! Hélène Cixous is a renowned feminist writer and philosopher, while Honorine Bell is a talented American actress. Meanwhile, Héloïse Letissier, known as Christine and the Queens, is making waves internationally with her catchy pop tunes.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HéloïseEloise, HeloiseHealthy, Wide
2. HonorineOnorineHonor
3. HortenseOrtensia, OrtenseGardener
4. HadrienneAdrienneRich, Dark
5. HélèneElaine, Elen, HelenBright, Shining
6. HuguetteUgolina, UguetteIntellect, Spirit
7. HyacintheJacinta, JacintheHyacinth
8. HenrietteHenrietta, EnrichettaHome Ruler
9. HélodieElodie, MelodieMarsh Flower
10. HervelineErvelina, ErvinaArmy
11. HeuretteUrette, UrettaTime
12. HilaireIlaria, HilaryHappy, Cheerful
13. HerminieHermione, ErmyniaMessenger
14. HénoraHonora, AnoraHonor
15. HerciliaHersilia, HersilieMythical
16. HatienneAtienne, EtienneCrowned
17. HébéHebe, EbbeYouth
18. HecateHekateFar off
19. HéliaElia, HeliaSun
20. HeraHera, HereProtect
21. HestiaEstia, EstieHearth, Fireside
22. HygieHygeia, YgieHealth
23. HypatiaIpazia, PatiaSupreme
24. HarmoniaArmonia, HarmonyHarmonious
25. HaidéeHaidee, HaideaModest
26. HédeliseEdelisa, EdeliseNoble
27. HermanceArmanceWarrior
28. HéraudeErminia, HerminiaUniversal
29. HélinaElina, HelinaTortoise
30. HilaryHillary, HilarieHappy, Cheerful
31. HonestyHonesty, OnestaHonesty
32. HeleanaIleana, ElenaBright, Shining
33. HervorHervor, ErvorArmy
34. HileriIlari, YlariCheerful
35. HélissenteElisenta, ElissentNoble
36. HildegardHildegaard, IldegardaBattle Enclosure
37. HonoreHonore, OnoreHonor
38. HersilieErsilia, HersiliaDelicate
39. HevaEva, EwaLife
40. HermildaErmilda, HildBattle Maid
41. HuldaUlde, HuldLovable
42. HedwigeEdvige, HedvigBattle
43. HersentErsent, HersetWise
44. HiltrudeIldtrude, HildtrudeStrong
45. HermiaErmia, HermyEarthly
46. HombelineOmbelina, UmbelinaHeavenly
47. HucieUcie, LucieLight
48. HedwigaEdviga, EdvigRefuge in War
49. HuberteUberta, UbertyBright Mind
50. HimildeEmilda, ErmildaFight

Merci de nous avoir lus! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with H and that you’re feeling inspired. Remember, the name you choose for your little one is her first gift, so make it a special one. For more enchanting baby name ideas, continue exploring our site. Joyeux choix de nom! (Happy naming!)

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