50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with H: Explore Names with a Beautiful History

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Choosing your baby’s name is like weaving dreams into reality. It’s an exciting journey brimming with love and anticipation. For those of you wanting to infuse a dash of French elegance into your baby boy’s name, our list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with H will be the perfect guide.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with H

One of the most famous names on our list is ‘Henri’. Henri Matisse and Henri Cartier-Bresson, both renowned artists, carried this classic French name with grace and prestige. ‘Hugo’, another name on our list, brings to mind Victor Hugo, the celebrated French author known for his works like “Les Misérables” and “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HenriHenry, EnricRuler of the home
2. HugoUgo, HuguesBright in mind and spirit
3. HervéHarvey, HerveyBattle worthy
4. HonoréHonoree, OnorioHonored one
5. HippolyteHipolito, IppolitoFreer of horses
6. HilaireHilario, HillaryHappy, cheerful
7. HugonUgonHeart, mind, spirit
8. HébertEberhard, HerbertBright, shining army
9. HervHerbie, HeruArmy warrior
10. HoraceHoratio, OratioTimekeeper
11. HortensHortenGardener
12. HilaireHilarius, IlarioMerry, cheerful
13. HellierElier, EllairStoney ground
14. HachiroHatch, HiroEighth son
15. HumbertUmberto, HumbertoBright warrior
16. HanriEnri, HanryRuler of the home
17. HeloriElori, HaeloriHealthy, strong
18. HerluinErluin, HerlwinNoble friend
19. HoussayeHoussey, HusseyHolly trees
20. HervieuHerveu, HarveuArmy warrior
21. HerveuxHervex, HervieuxBright sea
22. HenrielEnriel, HendrielHome ruler
23. HeulogHeulock, HeuliogSunny
24. HeudeHuede, HueyBright in mind and spirit
25. HaakonHakon, HaakenHigh son
26. Hilaire-AnnHilaire-An, Hilaire-EnnMerry year
27. Hilaire-AugusteHilaire-Augost, Hilaire-AugustynAugust-born merry man
28. HoudardHoudarr, HoudarMilan bird
29. HuetHuette, HuteBright in mind and spirit
30. HadelinHadelyn, HaddelinNoble, honorable
31. HermentaireHermenter, HermentarArmy timekeeper
32. HermodeHermod, HermoddArmy’s courage
33. HippomeHippon, HippomHorse lover
34. HugolinUggolin, HuggolinLittle spirit
35. HurardHurrard, HirardStrong and brave
36. HylaireHilere, HylereCheerful
37. HyppoliteIppolit, HippolitoHorse freer
38. HaggioHaggie, HagioSacred one
39. HamnetHamnett, HamnotLittle home
40. HaneloreHanelora, HanelorGrace and honor
41. HarcourtHarcort, HarcotFortified farm
42. HaxaireHaxair, HaxereSharp as a sword
43. HeimradHeimredd, HeimrudWise counselor
44. HerbotHerbbot, HerboteBright army
45. HernaldHernold, HernaudCompassionate leader
46. HerneisHernez, HurneisArmy spirit
47. HeurtebiseHeurtebis, EurtebiseWinter wind
48. HouldricHouldrick, HouldrikPowerful ruler
49. HubinetteHubinett, HubyinetteBright friend
50. HuguenetHughenet, HugonetteLittle spirit

Thank you for taking the time to explore our list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with H. We hope it has sparked inspiration and excitement, helping you find the perfect name for your little one. Continue your beautiful naming journey by checking out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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