50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with I: From Classic to Trendy

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Choosing our babies’ names can be as thrilling as it is challenging. From whimsical to classic, our list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with I will introduce you to a world of unique and heartwarming monikers sure to make your little one stand out in a crowd.

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with I

Many renowned individuals have graced the pages of history with French names starting with ‘I’. Notably, Igor Stravinsky, a Russian-born composer with a French name, left an indelible mark in the world of music. Another name to consider is Isidore, like Saint Isidore of Seville, who was a scholar and one of the great thinkers of the Middle Ages.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. IgnaceIgnazio, Ignatius“Fire”
2. IvoIves, Yves“Yew”
3. IreneoIrenaeus“Peaceful”
4. IsidoreIzidor, Isidoro“Gift of Isis”
5. IvonYvon, Yvonne“Yew”
6. IvarIvor“Bow warrior”
7. IlianIliano“My God is Yahweh”
8. IvanIvano“God is gracious”
9. IgorIvar“Bow warrior”
10. InakiInácio“Fiery one”
11. IrvinIrvine, Irving“Green water”
12. InnocentInnocente“Innocent”
13. Ibert“Bright”
14. Idris“Interpret”
15. IvesIvon, Yvon“Yew”
16. Ilbert“Noble bright”
17. IlarHilar“Cheerful”
18. IbanEvan, Eban“God is gracious”
19. Iber“From the Iberian Peninsula”
20. Ides“Desire”
21. Ivonnet“Yew”
22. IdouardEdouard“Wealthy guardian”
23. Irmao“Brother”
24. ImanolEmanuel“God is with us”
25. IzanEthan“Firm, strong”
26. IomharIvor“Bow warrior”
27. IsaacIsaak, Isac“He will laugh”
28. IvainYvain“Yew”
29. IsmaelIsmail“God will hear”
30. IvenEvan“God is gracious”
31. Isandro“Man’s liberator”
32. IsseyIsse“Gift of God”
33. Iratze“Fountain”
34. Izotz“Ice”
35. Iru“Fern”
36. Igon“Ascension”
37. IziaIsaie“God is salvation”
38. IxakaIsaac“He will laugh”
39. Iorwerth“Handsome lord”
40. IomarIvor“Bow warrior”
41. Illart“Lightning”
42. Ibardin“Fertile plain”
43. Ithur“Star”
44. Ibai“River”
45. Izar“Star”
46. Irune“Trinity”
47. Izotza“Ice”
48. Iholdi“Eagle”
49. Izarbe“Spring”
50. InazioIgnace“Fire”

Thank you for taking this voyage through our unique list of 50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with I. We hope it’s given you plenty of inspiration! Discover more baby name treasures by exploring our other carefully curated lists on our site. After all, the journey of choosing the perfect name is just as exciting as awaiting your little one’s arrival!

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