50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with I: Inspiring, Incomparable, Incredible

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Picking a name for your little one is both exciting and a tad overwhelming, isn’t it? But fret not, mom-to-be! Whether you’re cherishing your French heritage or simply in love with the elegance that French names exude, our list of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with I is here to inspire you!

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with I

Izïa Higelin, a renowned French singer and actress, and Ingrid Betancourt, a French-Colombian politician once nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, are famous personalities with baby girl names starting with ‘I’. These influential women can serve as role models for your baby girl, instilling a sense of pride in her unique name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IsabelleIsabella, IzabelPledged to God
InèsInez, InessaPure, Holy
IrèneIrene, EirenePeace
IsoldeIseult, YseutShe who is gazed upon
IvonneYvonne, IvonaYew, Archer
IphigénieIphigenia, EfigêniaBorn to be strong
IsalineIzzie, LinIce power
IsidoreIsadora, DoraGift of Isis
IlianaIlyana, IliaSun ray
IsabeauIzzy, BellaMy God is bountiful
IngridInger, IngaBeauty of the meadow
IlonaIlonka, IlaShining light
IziaIziah, IzzyGod’s promise
ImaneImaan, ImanFaith
IrinaIrena, IrinePeace
IsmérieEsmé, EsméeEsteemed, loved
IdalieIdalia, IdaBehold the Sun
IrmineIrmina, ErminUniversal, whole
IsabeleIzabella, IsabellGod is my oath
IsaleneIsla, LeneIce power
IsalindeIsla, LindaGentle, tender
IsidorineIsidora, DoreenGift of Isis
IvetteIvette, YvetteYew, Archer
InaïaInaya, InaSolitude, Emancipation
IreneeEirene, RennyPeace
IvealineIve, IvaYew, Archer
IsmerieEsmarie, MarieEsteemed, loved
IsalaisIsla, IsisIce power
IdetteIda, EttaIndustrious one
InessaInes, InesaPure, Holy
IsolaIsolda, IseultIsland
ImogeneImo, GenieMaiden
IvanaIvanka, VanaGod is gracious
IsolineIsla, LinaFair
IsoltYseult, IsoldeFair
IsaliaIsla, LiaIce power
IsamondeIsabelle, MondeIce power, protection
IsalouIsla, LouIce power
IvonaIvana, YvonneYew, Archer
IrmineErmin, IrminaUniversal, whole
IsilmeIsil, MeMoonlight
IvernaIva, VeraWhite
IsleeIsla, LeeFrom the island
IsaldeIsla, AldaIce power, old
IdoniaIdonea, NiaLoving one
IrenkaIrina, RenkaPeace
IzelleIzzy, ElleGod is my oath
IlyseIlly, LiseNoble
InnaIna, AnnaStrong water
IsmayIsme, MayEsteemed, loved

Thank you for exploring our selection of 50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with I! We hope you found names that resonated with your heart and lit the spark of inspiration. Naming your baby is a significant journey, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Be sure to check out more of our baby name lists for additional inspiration. Happy naming!

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