50 French Baby Girl Names Starting with G: Bursting with Culture & Grace

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Finding the perfect name for your unborn princess can be such a beautiful journey, especially when you have a fascinating guide. Get ready to explore the charm and elegance of French culture with our thoughtful compilation of 50 French baby girl names starting with G. These names are poised with grace, history, and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that sets them apart.

Notable People With French Baby Girl Names Starting with G

Famous French actress Genevieve Page, renowned for films like “Belle de Jour,” boasts one of the gallant names from our list. Giselle Blondet, a Puerto Rican actress and TV host, also carries a charming French name starting with G. Even the timeless beauty, Grace Kelly, graces our list, evoking sophistication and elegance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GabrielleGabriela, GabbyWarrior of God
GiselleGisela, GisellaPledge
GenevieveGen, Genny, GenevièveTribe woman
GuinevereGwen, GwenevereFair, white, and smooth
GeorgetteGeorgetta, GeorgiaFarmer
GeraldineGerry, Geri, GerriRuler with the spear
GervaiseGervasia, GervaseSpear servant
GilberteGilberta, GilbertineShining pledge
GlynisGlynnis, GlennisPure, holy
GriseldaGriselda, GriselleGrey battle
GrenelleGrenella, GrenellFrom the place with small branches
GuadalupeLupita, LupeRiver of the wolf
GwennGwenda, GwenethWhite, blessed
GaliaGalie, GalyaGod has redeemed
GracielaGrace, GracieGrace
GeordieGeorgie, GiaFarmer
GigiGig, GigiannaTrustworthy
GermaineGermana, GermainBrother
GiseleGisela, GiselePledge
GlynGlin, GlynneFrom the valley
GraceGracie, GracelynGrace
GaetaneGaetana, GaetanneFrom Gaeta
GalinaGaline, GaleaneCalm, healer
GardeniaGardenia, GardenieFrom the flower gardenia
GiseldaGisella, GizeldaGrey battle maid
GudrunGodruna, GudrunnGod’s secret lore
GudulaGudelia, GudelleGod’s magnificence
GalianaGaliane, GalianHaughty
GabyGabie, GabbieGod’s bravest woman
GinnetteGinneta, GinnettaGod is gracious
GeorgetaGeorgetah, GeorgetEarth-worker
GiuseppinaGiusie, GiusiHe will add
GretaGretta, GretPearl
GlenysGlanis, GlanysPure, clean, holy
GlennGlenna, GlenFrom the valley
GloireGloir, GloryGlory
GuerlineGuerlin, GuerlinaThe one who fights
GelinaGelena, GelianeBright one
GlendaGlendis, GlenaPure, clean
GleciaGleciah, GleciyaPledged to God
GeraldinaGeraldine, GerarldenaTrusted
GislenaGislenah, GisleniaSun’s glory
GalaGalah, GalayaSinger
GismondaGismonde, GizmondaBattle protector
GontaGontah, GontanaBattle maid
GorgetaGorgetah, GorgettaLittle gorges
GregoriaGregoriah, GregorianaWatchful, vigilant
GualbertaGualbertah, GualbertinaRuler of the army

Thank you for exploring our curated roster of 50 French baby girl names starting with G. We hope it’s given you plenty of inspiration and perhaps even introduced you to the perfect name for your little one. Remember, the journey of baby-naming doesn’t stop here. We have plenty more baby name idea lists on our site just waiting to inspire you. Happy naming!

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