50 French Baby Boy Names Starting with G: Discover Grande Elegance

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Bonjour, future mamas! Ready to embark on a charming rendezvous through 50 French baby boy names starting with G? These names, brimming with grace and tradition, are just the thing to set your petit garçon apart. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Notable People With French Baby Boy Names Starting with G

In the world of fame and influence, the charm of French names beginning with G is hardly a secret. Actor Gérard Depardieu, with his captivating talent, is a shining example. Not far behind is Gaston Leroux, the brilliant author behind ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. These personalities highlight the richness and character associated with such names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GabrielGab, Gabe, GabbyGod is my strength
GastonGas, GassieGuest, stranger
GéraldGerald, GerryRuler with the spear
GérardGerry, GérardoBrave spear
GrégoireGreg, GreggyWatchful, alert
GustaveGus, GustavStaff of the Goths
GaspardGaspar, JasperTreasurer
GaëlGael, GaleGenerous, noble
GaétanGaetano, GaetaneFrom Gaeta
GillesGill, GilShield of goatskin
GilbertGil, BertBright pledge
GeoffroiGeoff, GeoffreyGod’s peace
GeorgesGeorge, GeorgyFarmer
GuillaumeWilliam, GuillaumetResolute protector
GontranGontrand, GontranoBattle raven
GuérinGuerin, WarrinGuard
GodefroyGodfrey, GodefrayGod’s peace
GoulvenGoulvin, GoulbanGolden pledge
GhislainGhyslain, GhislinHostage, pledge
GrégoireGreg, GreggyWatchful, alert
GratienGratian, GratianoGrace
GuilhemGuillem, GwilhermResolute protector
GuénoléGwenole, GuenaelBlessed and generous
GuénhaëlGuenhael, GwenhaelBlessed and generous
GoulvenGoulvin, GoulvennGolden pledge
GwenalGwennael, GwenhaelBlessed and generous
GwenhaelGwennael, GwenalBlessed and generous
GabinGabino, GabanGod is my strength
GuiseppeGiuseppe, JosephHe will add
GwenaëlGwenael, GwenhaelBlessed + Generous
GildasGildus, GildosGod’s servant
GervaisGervaes, GervaizeSpear servant
GérômeJerome, GeromeSacred name
GisbertGilbert, GysbertBright pledge
GracienGratien, GracianoGrace
GéraudGerald, GeraudSpear rule
GéraldinGeraldine, GeraldoRule of the Spear
GermainGerman, GermaineBrother
GuilbertGilbert, GuilburtBright pledge
GonériGoneril, GonerilBattle swan
GravierGravere, GraviereGravel, pebble
GaubertGoubert, GabertBright pledge
GoulvennGoulven, GoulvinGolden pledge
GéraudinGeraudin, GeradinSpear rule
GasbertGabert, GaspertBright pledge
GorbyGorbey, GorbeeDivided hill
GérasimeGerasime, GerasimoOld age
GaladrielGaladrel, GaladrialRadiant garland
GerfroiGervaise, GerfroyGod’s peace
GoulvennéGoulven, GoulvainGolden pledge
GoulvennigGoulvannig, GoulvennikLittle golden pledge

Voila! We’ve journeyed through 50 French baby boy names starting with G, each more charming than the last. Thank you for joining us on this exciting voyage. If you need more inspiration, don’t hesitate to delve into our other meticulously curated lists of baby names on our site. Happy naming!

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